LAST DAY! Toolfarm Top 10 2019: All Categories 🗳️Vote Now!

The Toolfarm Top 10 Image credit: Jason Leung @ninjason

Okay, folks. This is it. It’s the last day to vote in the Toolfarm Top 10 for 2019. If you haven’t voted yet in our Toolfarm Top 10 for 2019, we’re still collecting votes through the end of this week! You don’t have to sign in either. Just vote for your favorite tools from the past year. Thank you! It means a lot.

The Toolfarm Top 10 featured image credit: Jason Leung @ninjason

2018 Toolfarm Top 10 Results

Toolfarm Top Ten 2018 badge
In the past, we had a long list of plug-ins listed under popular hosts and NLE’s. Here are the 2018 Toolfarm Top 10 results! Remember, these are the voter’s choices.


Posted by Michele Yamazaki