Toolfarm Top 10 for 2019: Tracking & Roto. 🗳️Vote Now!🗳️

Toolfarm Top 10 Roto & Tracking

Vote today in the all-new Toolfarm Top 10 for your favorite tracking & roto tools. Send your favorite products some love.

We’ve been doing the Toolfarm Top 10 for several years but this year we thought we’d change it up and make things a bit more interesting. Instead of several long lists to rate your favorite plug-ins by NLE or host, we’re breaking it into categories. It’s simplified and will only take you 30 seconds to vote. Think of this as if it is the Academy Awards of video, 3D, and audio tools! Your vote counts!

  • We will have a new topic up for voting twice per week over the next 5 weeks.
  • You will have 2 weeks to vote on each topic.
  • We will announce the winners in January 2020. Thanks for voting!

Note: You’ll need to be signed in to Google to vote. This is only to make sure we don’t have multiple votes from the same voter. No stuffing the ballot box!

2018 Toolfarm Top 10 Results

Toolfarm Top Ten 2018 badge
In the past, we had a long list of plug-ins listed under popular hosts and NLE’s. Here are the 2018 Toolfarm Top 10 results! Remember, these are the voter’s choices.


Posted by Michele Yamazaki