Toolfarm Acquires Pluginz.com

Toolfarm.com now the world’s largest online sales and support community for motion graphics and visual effects plug-ins

Toolfarm.com now the world’s largest online sales and support community for motion graphics and visual effects plug-ins

San Francisco, CA- February 19, 2009- Toolfarm.com, Inc., the leading source of content, community and commerce for professional visual effects and motion graphics plug-ins, today announced the acquisition of assets of Pluginz.com. Pluginz.com was a full sales and service shop for digital media professionals. A complimentary offering to the Toolfarm.com product sales, service and information network, the acquisition of assets from Knowedge Market, Inc includes the Pluginz.com network of URLs, and is a natural step in growing the popular Toolfarm.com one-stop shop service.

“Our unique value-add among resellers within the content creation market is our exceptional customer service. We offer more than just a list of plug-ins to buy, we provide outstanding sales support. Online help forums, detailed technology briefs and reviews, and a constant stream of industry news help our customers make informed decisions on investing in technology, and the tools to do their job,” says President of Toolfarm.com, Jason Sharp. “The acquisition of the Pluginz.com gives us an opportunity to expand the overall offering for the Toolfarm community and better service our customers with a more diverse range of plug-ins to choose from along with the technical team to help them during their decision making process and beyond.”

About Pluginz.com

Pluginz.com was a source for plug-ins and other tools for digital artists and an online resource for information about digital content creation. Pluginz.com was a part of the larger network which includes bedagi.com, editingutopia.com, post601.com, 3dplugins.com, and vfxplugins.com. The site served as an online community uniting software users and developers, and was an indispensable resource for digital artists seeking the information, service and feedback they needed to evaluate and select digital tools and to build their presence in the marketplace.

About Toolfarm.com Inc.

Founded in 1999, Toolfarm.com is the world’s leading source of commerce for motion graphics plug-ins that also provides content, community and commerce for professional visual effects. In the past ten years, Toolfarm.com has served hundreds of thousands of professionals from all around the world who make a living working with digital video. Toolfarm.com continues to provide objective, timely information for users of Adobe, Apple, Avid, Autodesk and Sony applications including the related third-party plug-ins. In addition to competitive pricing, Toolfarm.com’s free resources include the Plug-in Finder, free tutorials, blogs, newsletters, podcasts, industry news articles and press releases, user forms, compatibility charts and a recent new launch of “MyToolfarm”, a professional video networking resource.

Corrections made Feb 22nd, 2009: The acquisition of Pluginz.com does not include Pluginz.com as a company, but rather the assets of it’s URLs from Knowledge Market, Inc.

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