Upcoming 24 Hour Sale: Greyscalegorilla Spring Sale – June 4, 2019 – 30% Off

greyscalegorilla 24 hour spring sale

Mark your calendars!  For 24 hours only, starting on Tuesday June 4, 2019 at 8am ET (5am PT), you can save 30% on all Greyscalegorilla products, tools and assets.

30% Off 24-Hour GSG Spring Sale

The details:

  • Save: 30% Off All Greyscalegorilla products
  • Starts Tuesday June 4, 2019 at 8 AM ET (5am PT)
  • Ends Wednesday June 5, 2019 at 8 AM ET (5am PT)

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What’s new from Greyscalegorilla?

GSG has added several new assets including 4k Dust Elements, 3D Dust Particulate, and Area Light Maps. And they’ve released a big update to Light Kit Pro.

gsg light kit proLight Kit Pro 3.1

Completely rebuilt for Octane users, Light Kit Pro 3.1 brings dozens of new updates and fixes. In addition to the new Octane experience, the Render Switch algorithm has been optimized for better matching lights.

Additional patches were released for Redshift, texture path overriding, and updated seams for Cyc objects.

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gsg area light mapsArea Light Maps

Texturing your area lights has never been easier. Our high-dynamic range Light Maps offer the look of professional studio lights with realistic reflections all with the responsiveness of HDRI Link.

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gsg 4k dust elements4K Dust Elements

Captured live in studio, these 4K dust elements are the perfect assets for video editors, compositors, and VFX artists.

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gsg 3d dust particulate3D Dust Particulate

Twenty unique drag-and-drop 3D dust Alembic files that add atmospheric depth to your projects.
No plugins required!

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gsg dust elements bundleDust Elements Bundle

Get Greyscalegorilla’s 3D Dust Particulate and 4K Dust Elements together for one low price.

The Greyscalegorilla Dust Elements Bundle was born out of an idea to create the perfect pairing of footage and 3D elements. What if you could combine the power of video overlays and 3D animated assets?

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What else will be on sale?

All Greyscalegorilla products will be on sale.  Save 30% on GSG plugins, materials, HDRIs and bundles.

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*Best Deal*

gsg complete suiteGreyscalegorilla Complete Suite

Not only do you already save on the price of the individual products, you’ll save an additional 30% off the price of the suite.

The GSG Complete Suite includes all the Cinema 4D tools built by Greyscalegorilla. You’ll get all of our animation, rendering, lighting, and color grading tools.

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Don’t forget, the GSG Spring Sale starts at 8am ET (5am PT) on Tuesday June 4, 2019 and only lasts for 24 hours.



Posted by Kim Sternisha