Upcoming: Greyscalegorilla 40% Off One Day Only Sale Starts December 3, 2019

greyscalegorilla one day sale

Save the date! The Greyscalegorilla 40% Off One Day Sale starts December 3 at 8AM EST and ends Wednesday December 4th at 8AM EST.  This is their biggest sale of the year. Get all the new GSG plugins, assets, suites and even the Plus training for 40% off.

Greyscalegorilla 40% Off One Day Only Sale

When: Starts December 3 at 8AM EST and ends Wednesday December 4th at 8AM EST
What: 40% Off Everything Greyscalegorilla offers, including Plus
Why: Biggest GSG savings of the year

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What is new?

This year saw the release of new must-have HDRI packs, assets, and beautiful material collections, but THE must-own product of the year is definitely a Greyscalegorilla Plus membership.

Modern Surface Material Collection

The latest material collection features over 250 drag-and-drop materials to use with Redshift, Arnold, and Octane.

Inspired by mid-century modern looks, this collection includes ceramics, metals, paper, stone, terrazzo, wood, and 60 trendy patterns. Easily customize 140 materials with your own color choices or use one of the 48 included color palettes.

Bonus! This entire collection is included with Greyscalegorilla Plus.

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Area Light Maps

The ease and simplicity of working with HDRI Link, now for Area Lights. These high-dynamic range Light Maps offer the look of professional studio lights with realistic reflections.

Compatible with HDRI Link for Cinema 4D, you can quickly browse through 30 different area light maps and add them to area lights in your favorite third-party render engine, including Redshift, Arnold, and Octane.

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gsg hdri suiteHDRI Suite

All of Greyscalegorilla’s HDRI Tools and Packs

Do you hop between using Physical and third-party renderers? Make things easier with the Greyscalegorilla HDRI Suite.

Get both HDRI Link and HDRI Studio Rig plus all of our HDRI packs: Area Light Maps, Commercial Locations, European Holiday, Modern Industrial, Paradise Pack, Pro Studios, Pro Studios Metal, Road Trip, Ultimate Skies and Studio Basics.

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HDRI Modern Industrial

Modern Industrial has 20 exteriors and industrial work spaces. Bring your 3D scenes and product renders to life with these professionally captured high-dynamic-range-images.

Find HDRI environment like modern office spaces, stairwells, lobbies, and atriums.

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gsg plusGreyscalegorilla Plus

Get 40% off your first year of Greyscalegorilla Plus, the new motion design platform for professional training, high-quality 3D materials, and so much more to come.

To date, a Greyscalegorilla Plus membership gives you instant access to over $2800 in pro training and material collections.

What’s included in the training?

  • Guide to Cinema 4D R21 (Plus Exclusive)
  • Guide to Cinema 4D R20
  • Guide to Redshift
  • Introduction to Arnold (Launching December 2019)
  • Guide to X-Particles
  • Procedural Systems (Plus Exclusive)
  • Introduction to Houdini (Plus Exclusive)
  • Animation Fundamentals
  • Product Visualization
  • All Seasons of AskGSG
  • Quick Tips Training

Coming to Toolfarm in time for the sale.

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Posted by Kim Sternisha