Update: All Greyscalegorilla Products Updated for C4D R21

greyscalegorilla cinema 4d compatibility

Greyscalegorilla has updated all of their products to work with the newest release of Maxon Cinema 4D R21.

All GSG Products Now Compatible with Cinema 4D R21

Now all your favorite GSG products like Light Kit Pro, HDRI Studio Rig, Signal, even the new Happy Toolbox II Model Pack, are all C4D R21 compatible. And don’t forget, you can get all Greyscalegorilla products for one low price with the Complete Suite!

Contact sales@Toolfarm.com if you purchased through Toolfarm and need an updated installer.

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Wondering what other Cinema 4D plug-ins are compatible with R21? Check out our constantly updated C4D Compatibility page.

GSG C4D R21 New Features Podcast

Cinema 4D R21 has the team at GSG very excited over many of the new features.  Check out the podcast below as they discuss what they’ve been having fun playing with, as well as info on upcoming meetups and events, and Disney Plus.

Learn even more about the new features in Cinema 4D R21 at our Sneak Peek page.

Got Questions?

If you have questions about all the changes that have come to Maxon and Cinema 4D, especially the new licensing changes, check out our Release 21 FAQ page that attempts to answer as many questions for you as possible.

Posted by Kim Sternisha