Update: Assimilate Scratch v9.2 – New Grading Modes, Color Wheels, More

scratch v9.2 update

This update to Scratch adds new color wheels, grading modes, Soft Clip functionality and a tool for on-screen annotations.  Watch the video below for a tour of the new features.

What’s new in Scratch v9.2

Live Looks and Live Assist

With the release of version 9.2 we introduce 2 new products: Live Looks and Live Assist. These products can be used as stand-alone product or can be licensed together with SCRATCH or SCRATCH VR.

  • Live Looks is a complete on-set grading tool, which allows you to capture and work on multiple (however many your hardware supports) live camera inputs and/or use LUT boxes. It is resolution independent with up to 8k SDI/HDMI capture. Offering a full grading toolset or (if required) CDL restricted. Create a green screen setup with just a single-click. With a seamless workflow for transferring looks into SCRATCH for dailies and/or post as well as other third party software.
  • Live Assist extends this functionality even further by including simultaneous recording and instant playback of multiple live camera feeds. Record ProRes, H264 or DNx. Start/stop recording live capture streams manually or based on the camera record state. Create your review-dailies without transcoding.


  • A new set of clipping- and softness controls in the LUT menu for soft-clipping your grade.
  • Most noticeable – a new look and feel of the color-ball controls.

Project / Metadata / Miscellaneous

  • This version has a new Annotation (paint) tool. From the main toolbar you can enable/disable viewing of annotations while from the top menu bar you can open the paint toolbox. Annotations can be created per shot or per frame. When selecting to display note-markers on the mini timeline, these will include markers for the paint-annotations. Furthermore, from the Reports option in the Construct module, you can also select an annotation report which contains (proxy) images of all shots in the timeline that contain annotations (text / paint).
  • Added flexibility to licensing: you can now de-activate a license on one system and activate it again on another system. Note that to be able to de-activate a license you first need to mark the license through the MyAssimilate.

Note: Version 9.2 requires a re-activation of your license. If you have a valid v9.1 license, then the license is automatically updated to include the new 9.2 version and the re-activation is as simple as clicking the Activate button.

For a full list of all that’s new, please see the updates tab on our Scratch product page.

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Posted by Kim Sternisha