Update: Audiomodern Playbeat 3.1 – Now with “Smart” Randomization Algorithm

audiomodern playbeat 3.1 update

Audiomodern Playbeat v3.1 features a new “Smart” randomization algorithm.  This revolutionary technology has been developed over the past year by the brightest minds of Audiomodern and is taking a unique step into a new field of A.I. for music production software.

Audiomodern PlaybeatAudiomodern Playbeat

World's Smartest Groove Machine

Playbeat is the Next Generation Creative Groove Engine for Windows, macOS and iPad.

Create infinite variations of the grooves while maintaining a sense of creativity, inspiration, and momentum. No two patterns will ever be the same.

What's new in Playbeat 3.1?

'Smart' Randomization Algorithm: a brand new algorithm and the only one of its kind available in the market!

Users train the app to learn their preferred patterns through their day-to-day activity. The app then adapts to their style and generates personalized patterns to achieve the perfect user experience. As the user improves, it becomes more advanced to suit their needs.

The new version comes with 3 FREE Playbeat packs!

Playbeat 3.1 is free for existing Playbeat 3 users. Users of Playbeat 1 or 2 can upgrade for only $19!

Learn MoreTry Audiomodern Playbeat for free!





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Posted by Kim Sternisha