Update: Audionamix XTRAX STEMS 2.2 – Improved Alorgithms + FLAC Support

audionamix XTRAX STEMS 2.2 update

Audionamix has updated XTRAX STEMS with improved DNN algorithms, an expanded AI Library, support for FLAC files and some bug fixes.


One Song In. Three Stems Out.

Powered by brand new artificial intelligence algorithms, XTRAX STEMS 2 offers faster, cleaner stem separations, backing tracks and a cappella at the same low price. Created for DJs, music producers and remix artists, XTRAX STEMS allows users to separate any song into its vocal, drum, and remaining music components for easy sampling, remixing and unmatched control during live sets.

What’s new in XTRAX STEMS 2.2?

The XTRAX STEMS 2.2 update is here, featuring improved DNN algorithms. In addition, thanks to your feedback, we’ve expanded our AI library, meaning better drum, vocal and music separations and more consistency across genres. Lastly, we’re including support for FLAC files and several bug fixes. We thank all of you who have taken the time to contact us with feature requests and feedback that helped make this release possible!

XTRAX STEMS 2.2 is a free update you don’t want to miss.  Be sure to head to your account page or launch the XTRAX STEMS 2 app to download the free update today!

audionamix xtrax stems 2.2New Features

  • Improved AI algorithms
  • Better drum separations
  • Cleaner vocal isolations
  • Improved backing tracks
  • Now supports FLAC files

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Posted by Kim Sternisha