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Update: Avid Pro Tools & Media Composer v2022.12

avid pro tools and media composer update 2022.12

Avid has updated both Pro Tools and Media Composer to version 2022.12.  Pro Tools adds support and bug fixes and Media Composer gets new features, enhancements, and improvements.

What’s new in Pro Tools 2022.12?

Public Beta of Native Apple Silicon Support

(Pro Tools Intro / Artist / Studio / Ultimate™)

  • Pro Tools 2022.12 gives users the opportunity to run Pro Tools natively on Apple M1 and M2 processors as part of a public beta. The Pro Tools team has been working to deliver full Apple native Silicon support, and this public beta enables users early access to check it out and experience the performance improvements for themselves while the team works to deliver a fully-qualified release in early 2023.For more information, please see our blog post.

EUCON Status Control

(Pro Tools Intro / Artist / Studio / Ultimate™)

  • Pro Tools provides EUCON Status Control that can be shown (or hidden) in the Edit Window toolbar.  It allows enabling and disabling EUCON in Pro Tools and indicates the EUCON connection health and status.
    • To enable, click on the triangle on the far right of the Edit Window toolbar to expand viewing options. Check the “EUCON” Option to enable the EuCon Status Control Section.
  • Once checked, the EUCON status control icon will appear to the right of the output meters in the Edit Window toolbar.

Improved Support for Sessions Exported by Media Composer

(Pro Tools Studio / Ultimate™)

  • Media Composer 2022.12 can now export Pro Tools session files.  Pro Tools 2022.12 better supports reading marker data generated by Media Composer and places it in the Pro Tools marker ruler.

Support for macOS Ventura

(Pro Tools Intro / Artist / Studio / Ultimate™)

  • Pro Tools 2022.12 now supports macOS 13.0.1 (“Ventura”). See system requirements here.

Avid Pro Tools

Avid Pro Tools

Create. Collaborate. Be Heard.

Avid Pro Tools redefined the music, film, and TV industry, providing everything you need to compose, record, edit, and mix audio—in the studio or in the cloud, from anywhere.

Note: US and Canada Sales Only

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What’s new in Media Composer 2022.12?

Export Pro Tools sessions

For years, Avid has offered workflows that allow you to send project information and media from Media Composer to Pro Tools using an AAF file. This has been the standard for years, but it does require other steps to complete the process. Well, now we’re happy to tell you that Media Composer speaks the language of Pro Tools.

In Media Composer | Ultimate and Media Composer | Enterprise, you can export an actual Pro Tools session that can be directly opened in Pro Tools. That’s right, this exports a .ptx file that is generated as a single session with all of the video and audio details combined.

“Joy to the world!”

As you choose your export options from the File > Output to File menu, or right-click on the record window and select “Export,” you can choose options to embed within your Pro Tools session. You also have the option to add any of the markers from the Media Composer sequence to be added to the exported Pro Tools session.

Get support for Avid MBOX Studio

MBOX Studio is our new USB audio interface, offering both analog and digital I/O connections and now full Media Composer support. It provides eight audio channels in and out for playback, capture, and punch-in. And it has two-way simultaneous stereo Bluetooth I/O to enable monitoring on Bluetooth headphones, as well as capture from Bluetooth devices. This is a nice addition to your editing workstation.

Mount UNC drives in Media Composer

Media Composer now supports media drives mounted using UNC paths, or the Universal Naming Convention. UNC drives will be displayed in the appropriate menus and available for any read and write operations. This also enables you to mount unlimited storage workspaces as media drives (previously, you were limited to 26 workspaces due to drive letter limitations).

Find info fast with new “Creation Date” column in the Markers window

Markers are the most common way for editorial, VFX, and sound team members to communicate notes and information within a media file or sequence. And you’ve been able to do this for years.

To streamline the process of looking for the latest set of markers that were added to your sequence, we’ve added a new “Creation Date” column in your Markers window dedicated, enabling you to now sort your markers by creaton date to see which ones are the most recent.

This metadata is stored through export and import to allow you to backtrack the source of any comment added to the list.

Turn off the Bin Map by default

The Bin Map in your bin frame view provides a complete bird’s-eye view of your entire bin, making it easy to navigate, so you don’t have to keep scrolling through your large bin of media.

In support of our ongoing user interface customization—and allowing you to work the way you want—you can now choose to have the Bin Map on or off by default. The Bin Map will be turned off until you activate it. You can also add “Show/Hide Bin Map” to a keystroke.

Select items in the Bin Container more easily

When making selections in the Bin Container, you can now start by clicking and dragging from the area to the left of the bin icons. This enables you to start lassoing from the top or anywhere in the bin—even with a list larger than the height of the window.

Drag assets from any column into a bin

As you display your bin in Text View, you can now easily move assets by performing a click-and-drag from any column into a bin. You can even click and drag assets from any column where metadata or names can be edited – just be sure you perform this action quickly or it may put you into text editing mode.

Jump between selected clips in the timeline

Need a swift way to move quickly through a timeline or sequence? You now have a couple of new “Go To” options.

You could always “Go to Previous” or “Go to Next” trim points, events, and markers, but with Media Composer 2022.12, you have new “Go to Next Selected Clip” and “Go to Previous Selected Clip” commands, enabling you to move between clips based on your clip and track selection. And, of course, these commands can be mapped to a keystroke in your User Settings to make moving through your timeline even faster.

Avid Media Composer - Subscription

Avid Media Composer - Subscription

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Note: US and Canada Sales Only

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