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Update: AXYZ anima Pro v5.5 – Enhanced Realism & More

axyz anima 5.5 update

This update to anima Pro brings more realistic 4D character animations, and enhancements to workflows and performance in 3ds Max, Cinema 4D, and Unreal Engine.

What’s new in anima v5.5?

Enhanced animation realism in anima

With improved information for 4D characters, anima continues to push the boundaries of animation realism. Whether you’re creating complex scenes or simple animations, the new updates ensure smoother, more detailed outputs.

Animation and 4D character texture improvements in 3ds Max

Now, you can offset animations in time, animate with keyframes, and modify the time range at any point. Enhanced texture updating for 4D characters and material rebuilds streamline your workflow, while added support for 3ds Max 2025 keeps you ahead of the curve.

Improved camera synchronization in Cinema 4D

Cinema 4D users will enjoy improved camera synchronization and the ability to modify the time range at any point. These features provide greater flexibility and precision, allowing you to perfect your scenes with ease.

Better performance and precision in Unreal Engine

Unreal Engine users are set to benefit from advanced LOD configuration, significant performance improvements, and new blueprint functionalities for 4D characters. Support for UE 5.4 ensures you’re always working with the latest technology, maximizing efficiency and output quality.

Virtual productions with Pixotope

The latest version of Anima now supports Pixotope version 23.2, making it easier than ever to integrate Anima into your virtual productions. This support enhances your ability to create immersive, dynamic environments.

Update to anima 5.5

If you are already an Anima user, the application will prompt you to update automatically when you launch it. Alternatively, you can visit the documentation website to download the latest version directly.


AXYZ Design anima Pro

AXYZ Design anima Pro

Animated people and crowds.

AXYZ Design anima Pro is people and crowd animation software developed specifically for architects and designers to add 3D people, 4D people animated characters to their projects quickly and easily.
With anima® software, 3D people become human beings.

anima ® PRO is the fastest and easiest to use 3d stand-alone character animation application, developed especially for architects, designers, special effects specialists, film and television professionals, and video game developers. It is a perfect tool to populate your 3d scenes with 3d people that walk, go up and downstairs, stand or sit in conversations, and much more! With anima ® PRO, creating stunning 3d animations or still renders populated with realistic 3d people is within everyone’s reach. Offering a reduced learning curve that will allow you to obtain 3d people animations without the need of having great technical knowledge and thus be able to dedicate more time to your architectural, cinematographic, or video game visualization project.

Learn MoreTry AXYZ Design anima Pro for free!


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