Update: AXYZ Design anima 4.1.1 – Adds Support for 3ds Max 2022 and more

axyz anima 4

AXYZ Design has updated anima to v4.1.1, adding support for Autodesk 3ds Max 2022 and Maya 2022, plus some new added features and lots of bug fixes.


Add people and crowds with facial gestures and clothing movements to your CG scenes!

anima® 4 introduces a new and unique hyper-realistic 4d people animation system that includes facial gestures and clothing movements. anima® 4 is the people and crowd animation application developed specifically for architects and designers that will help you create amazing 3d animated people quickly and easily!
With anima® 4 3d characters become human!

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If you are not yet an anima® user, why not give it a try? anima® LITE version offers you the same features as the full version, can be used commercially, and never expires, it is only limited in the duration of the animations you can create.


What’s new in anima 4.1.1?

You can download anima® PRO updates directly when you start the application.


  • anima®: Selecting CPU or GPU video decoding is now available when booting on safe mode for the first time.
  • anima®: Minidump debug information is now stored in my documents folder (useful for providing error reports).
  • anima® render node: The Command-line Deploy tool support for Cinema4D R23.
  • anima® render node: Extra information is now stored in the log file created by the Command-line Deploy tool.
  • 3ds Max® Plugin: Added support for 3ds Max® 2022.
  • 3ds Max® Plugin: Added a message warning if the scene has been changed and it was not reloaded in 3dsmax.
  • Cinema4D® Plugin: Improved performance in plugin scene loading.
  • Cinema4D® Plugin: Added initial support for V-Ray 5 (known issues with motion-blur pending).
  • Unreal Engine® Plugin: The plugin is no longer installed if you select render node install mode.
  • Maya® Plugin: Added support for Maya® 2022.
  • Maya® Plugin: Added an option to the anima controller to manually enable Motion Blur generation on 4D models.


  • anima®: Fixed an issue where objects located at the origin would show up as highlighted if the mouse cursor was above the horizon of the viewport.
  • anima®: Improved the mouse scrolling behavior on the object properties panel.
  • anima®: Some slider objects that allow typing big numerical values will now work correctly if the operating system is configured to use a decimal symbol that isn’t a dot.
  • anima®: Fixed a crash that could happen when toggling the visibility of area nodes.
  • anima®: Updated some application messages to be more accurate.
  • anima®: Fixed an issue where the mouse scrolling on a dock widget would work incorrectly when “Scroll inactive windows when I hover over them” was disabled in Windows 10 due to an outdated version of the Qt framework.
  • anima®: Fixed an issue in the export FBX module when using Point Caches files with both MDD and PC2.
  • anima®: Fixed an issue where the scale of the escalators could be exported incorrectly to FBX on older scenes.
  • anima®: Fixed an issue with the memory usage when reloading scenes with 4D characters in all the plugins.
  • 3ds Max® Plugin: Some fixes and improvements in the 3dsmax drag and drop gallery.
  • 3ds Max® Plugin: Minor stability improvements.
  • Cinema4D® Plugin: Improved behavior of alive connection to be more consistent.
  • Cinema4D® Plugin: Fixed an issue where the option to select the path of a project from the properties of the anima object would not work correctly.
  • Unreal Engine® Plugin: Projects that use the same 4D character with the same phase more than once will now be packaged correctly.
  • Maya® Plugin: Excluded the anima nodes from the playback cache to avoid stability issues.

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Posted by Kim Sternisha