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Update: AXYZ Design anima 5.1 is Now Available – Improvements and Compatibility

axyz anima 5.1 update

This update to AXYZ Design anima adds many improvements, support for Autodesk 3ds Max 2024 and Maya 2024, and more.

What’s new in anima 5.1?

AXYZ design S.R.L. is proud to present anima® 5.1. The latest version of anima® brings many improvements and compatibility with the latest versions of 3ds Max, Maya, Cinema 4D, Unreal Engine 5.1, and Chaos Vantage.

  • It is now possible to duplicate and modify subscription assets however you like! Simply duplicate the asset in your project and start editing it as normal. Keep in mind, however, the original asset must be installed and available to keep using the modified resource. Only the changes you applied are saved to the file stored in your project’s libraries.
  • New animated thumbnails will now be displayed for assets from the online store! Simply hover the mouse over one of them and it should play a short animation if a preview is available. This should allow you to see more easily what kind of animation the product you’re about to download has.
  • You can now select the size of the thumbnails in the actor panel. Simply right-click and select the size you want or you can even use the Control key and the Mouse wheel to adjust it.
  • The search engine from the online store has been integrated into the actor panel! You can now type different terms and get search suggestions to more easily find what you’re looking for. This should be very helpful for anima All users to filter and find the asset they need.
  • It’s now possible to configure the time it takes for actors to be teleported to the start of a path when they reach the end by using the new reset time slider.
  • The sign-in dialog now has a new toggle to show or hide the user’s password to help look for typing errors.
  • anima® Plugins: The plugins can now display a special model to indicate an access error has occurred when reading from 4D resources when the source of the project itself is unable to be reached. This should be helpful in determining if rendering errors have occurred due to networking issues.
  • anima® Plugins: Project packing performance has been improved by skipping unnecessary duplication of the resource cache when preparing the projects to be sent to render farms. anima® Commandline License: Extra information has been added to the device list function.
  • 3ds Max® Plugin: Duplicated drop characters can be a copy instead of an instance only and they can be converted to anima® scene.
  • 3ds Max® Plugin: Improved compatibility of the 4D models with Chaos Vantage (V-Ray 6.10.06 or newer required).
  • 3ds Max® Plugin: Added support for 3dsMax 2024.
  • Maya® Plugin: Added support for Maya 2024


AXYZ Design anima Pro

AXYZ Design anima Pro

Animated people and crowds.

AXYZ Design anima Pro is people and crowd animation software developed specifically for architects and designers to add 3D people, 4D people animated characters to their projects quickly and easily.
With anima® software, 3D people become human beings.

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AXYZ Design anima ALL Subscription

AXYZ Design anima ALL Subscription

+2100 characters, one unique subscription.

anima® ALL is the complete solution to populate your architectural visualization scenes and CG projects with unlimited access to anima® PRO and thousands of metropoly® photorealistic characters to give life and scale to your architectural projects.

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Posted by Kim Sternisha

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