Update: Basefount Animcraft v1.1.4 – Better Spine and Palm Retargeting & More

basefount animcraft v1.1.4 update

Basefount Animcraft v1.1.4 adds an physical simulation toolkit with better spine and palm retargeting, an enhanced 3D viewport, more batch tools and more.

Basefount Animcraft

Animate Your Character

Basefount Animcraft (Abbr. AC) is a smart and collaborative 3D animation and character library with comprehensive productivity tools and bridge plugins.

Its core allows stable motion transfer between any bipedal and some quadrupedal characters based on keyframe and controllers, regardless of the variations in the skeletal hierarchy, rigs, figures, and 3D applications (DCC). Animations can be stored as the visible, manageable, and reusable assets that be used to accelerate your animation production.

Also, it has a full bunch of animation tools, comes with:

  • Animation keyframing, layering, bridgeIK rig, concatenation, scene editing tools.
  • Smart character and motion library and resources manager and renderer
  • Stable retargeting tools for characters and motions
  • DCC bridge plugins: rig re-targeting and motion import/export supports
  • Game engine import/export supports.
  • Comprehensive formats reader, writer and, converter.

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What’s new in v1.1.4

Improved and finished physical simulation toolkit

In Animcraft 1.1, we brought NVIDIA PhysX based physical simulation module in beta. And this time all UI, simulation workflow, and playback tools have been completed. You can now simulate some parts of the character and save the result as FBX.

  • Physical simulation setup indicator in 3d viewport, dynamic parts, collision parts, and global parameters setup UI.
  • Simulate start from a specific bone and chain.
  • Simulate end and prevent subtree from simulating.
  • Combine some dynamic parts to stimulate them like a whole rigid body.
  • Collision capsule adding and editing.
  • Servo Force Drive in dynamic joints.

Better Spine Palm Retargeting

Using the bone chain, average plane and swing aim constrain algorithm. Animcraft now has more detailed arbitrary vertebra number spine bone retargeting, which made Animcraft on a par with Human IK in this area.

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Palm Bone Constrain

There is some very subtle hand animation on palm bones. From Animcraft 1.1.4 we’ll bring it into the retargeting system. Then you can make the animation with palm rotations on the character’s hands. Read More. Additionally, these features can be applied to any characters in 3ds Max, Maya, and FBX.

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Enhanced 3D viewport

  • Camera animation supported.
  • Self-illuminated shader supported.

More Productivity Batch Tools

  • Batch render as a folder
  • Batch merge and export FBXs (Usually used to import UE)
  • 3ds Max Batch FBX to Biped Rig

Bridge Plugins Upgrade

The APIs in Max 2021 and UE 4.26 have changed to Python 3 binding, after some refractory and adjusting, Animcraft supports them in this version.

  • Support Unreal Engine 4.26
  • Support 3ds Max 2021

Upgraded Resource Library

As a sub-system of Animcraft, the resource library will be upgraded each time when new release. This time it brings the new features including:

  • Manage arbitrary resources by creating slots and put contents into the packages, then you can set cover image and slideshow for each resource.
  • Support PSD direct preview.
  • An easier and faster Resources path setup experience
  • More Sorting methods are added.
  • Image anti-alias bug fixed. Many issues resolved.
  • Resource package and slideshow.

New Animation resources

Around 300 new animation clips come along with the new version, all of them has copyright and can be used unlimited and freely including commercial purpose.

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Posted by Kim Sternisha