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Update: BOOM Library UberLoud v1.2 – New Features Update

boom library uberloud v1.2 update

Update: BOOM Library UberLoud v1.2 adds several new user requested features including adjustable crossover frequencies in multiband and more.




UBERLOUD makes your sounds go loud, insanely loud. This plug-in is a true beast with sharp edges and extraordinary character. Using a clipper to add harmonics while a denoiser gets rid of floor noise, UBERLOUD will maximize your sound with minimal effort. So the next time your sound just doesn’t sound loud enough, make it UBERLOUD.

UBERLOUD is designed to make your sounds really shine through your mix in the simplest possible way. You have one to three knobs that push your signal. Use a clipper to add harmonics and a denoiser to get rid of floor noise. It’s that simple.

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What’s new in UberLoud v1.2?

With version 1.2, we’ve again listened to your feedback and added some true, hands-on controls to properly shape your sound to the maximum. Still functioning under the basic knob principle, UBERLOUD includes multiband modes with optional linear phase filters and automatable crossover frequencies, oversampling capabilities, and the ability to link those knobs together for ultimate customization capabilities. It’s also got full Native Apple Silicon support.

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Posted by Kim Sternisha

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