Update: C4DStuff HB ModelingBundle v2.32 – Adds Full Support for R21

c4d stuff hb modelingbundle

The C4DStuff HB ModelingBundle has been updated with full support for Cinema 4D R21, plus a few bug fixes.

C4DStuff HB ModelingBundle

HB ModellingBundle is a set of over 70 Scripts for CINEMA 4D which are dedicated to 3D-Modelling. The goal of these scripts is to improve workflows and to do many operations a lot faster. This means less clicks and less mouse movement. With HB ModellingBundle you receive not only more than 70 Scripts but also a very well chosen set of shortcuts and a modelling-Layout for C4D. Also a template C4D-Scene which shows tools-settings in the viewport which makes working in Fullscreen mode much easier.

What’s new in v2.32?

  • [FIXED] HB_CloneX: Fixed an Problem where Points got welded
  • [FIXED] HB_MakeQuads: Fixed problem where Axis would change
  • [FIXED] HB_MakeQuads: Fixed problem where MakeQuads failed completly
  • [FIXED] HB_MakeQuads: Fixed unwanted Vertices got welded
  • [FIXED]HB_SolidBevel: Fixed issue where it did not bevel on planar Edges
  • [FIXED]HB_MIRROR: R21 Compatibility Fix (this adds full compatibility with Cinema 4D R21)

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Posted by Kim Sternisha