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Update: Capturing Reality RealityCapture v1.2.1 Tarasque – SketchFab Export & More

realitycapture tarasque 1.2.1

This Tarasque 1.2.1 update to RealityCapture adds several improvements to your pipeline, including Export to Sketchfab, Unreal Engine optimizations, Under-the-hood improvements and much more.


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State-of-the-art photogrammetry software

RealityCapture is the state-of-the-art photogrammetry software solution for Windows, that is changing the industry. It enables you to create ultra-realistic 3D models from a set of images and/or laser scans.

RealityCapture is currently the fastest solution on the market, which brings effectivity to your work and allows you to focus on your targets.

Create virtual reality scenes, textured 3D meshes, orthographic projections, geo-referenced maps and much more from images and/or laser scans completely automatically.

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What’s new in RealityCapture Tarasque 1.2.1

This release brings several improvements to your pipeline, including an automated workflow for transferring large datasets from RealityCapture to Unreal Engine 5, and under-the-hood changes for easier cloud deployment. It also includes the ability to construct models and export them to Sketchfab at a limited resolution without using PPI credits, from where you can share, sell, and download them under the terms of the Sketchfab EULA; after your first upload to Sketchfab, you will automatically get a one-year Sketchfab Pro account.

Key features:

  • Export to Sketchfab at no additional cost using PPI license (limitation 300k polygons and 1 x 4k texture)
  • Automated workflow for transferring large datasets from RC to UE5
  • RealityCapture Automated CLI pipeline for Large Datasets
  • UE5 Photogrammetry Importer
  • Under-the-hood improvements for easier cloud deployment
  • RealityCapture to Unreal Engine Optimizations
  • An extended console view with a command line and new command line commands
  • UI improvements

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Posted by Kim Sternisha