Update: cebas finalRender Drop 4 – RTX Speed Blast + Unlimited Trial

cebas finalrender drop 4

Drop 4 for cebas finalRender includes an OptiX 7 Core Rewrite, replacing OptiX 6, resulting in a RTX Speed Blast.  They’ve also added a few other critical enhancements and now offer a free Unlimited Trial!

finalRender Drop 4 OptiX 7 Core Rewrite – RTX Speed Blast

Drop 4 takes the baton from Drop 3 and continues the marathon of hybrid rendering. finalRender trueHybrid TM promises you visual technology of the future in hardware and software optimization so you can setup scenes and render with amazing speed without losing image quality. Now, with the latest OptiX 7 deep core rewrite, replacing OptiX 6 – Subscribers will be able to unlock and harness the current RTX TURING GPU and all future RTX GPU.

Critical enhancements includes

  • Scale across multiple GPUs seamlessly
  • Automatically combines GPU memory over NVLink for large scenes
  • AI Accelerated rendering using Tensor Cores
  • Ray Tracing acceleration using RT Cores.
  • Unlimited Network Rendering Available
  • Fast Iterations, Save time and cost

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The Future Choice Renderer for 3DS Max Artists

finalRender is unique in many ways, try it and you will know.

Latest Drop 4 represents a complete core shift and brings into play the NVIDIA’s OptiX 7 application framework specifically optimized for Ray Tracing performances on the GPU. It brings the power of NVIDIA GPUs to your desktop! Artists will also be delighted with Drop 4 fR-CarPaint enhanced photo-realism with PBSR. Render superb ‘chameleon’ car paints and project visuals with cebas Mica pearls spectral effects and create a color shifting/changing effect on car bodies. Drop 4 follows after Drop 3 Intel OPEN Image CPU + RTX Denoiser. And Drop 2 introduced the new cebas biased Lightcache system. We are going places for you!

Random Walk SubSurface Scattering

SubSurface Scattering has been enhanced dramatically. The new SSS now uses Random Walk methods to enhance the look and calculation quality of SubSurface Scattering. It is faster! Physically-accurate and lets you control the absorption of light based on its individual depth-based Wavelength Spectrum filtering. SSS enhances areas needing cavities and thin protrusions on the surface.

Subscription Drop 4 New Feature: RTX Unleashed!

cebas went through the ordeal of rewriting the core to actually reinvent ourselves in the field of trueHybrid™ rendering – which is now even better – by using RTX hardware acceleration cores. With finalRender Drop 4, you are leveraging the speed of NVIDIA OptiX 7 RTX right on your desktop – Cebas development team has optimized your rendering capabilities for current and future generations of NVIDIA GPU architectures.


car paintSubscription Drop 4 New Feature: fR-CarPaint

The fR-CarPaint material is a perfect example why you would want Physically Based Spectral Rendering. Pearlescent car paint is the latest trend in the automobile industry. fR-CarPaint uses Mica pearls to create a color shifting/changing effect on car bodies. finalRender can now reproduce this spectral effect in a physically accurate way! Now, adjusting car paint material is easier and more predictable than ever.

sunpositionerSubscription Drop 4 New Feature: Sunpositioner

Subscription Drop 4 now, fully supports 3ds Max native Sunpositioner tool. Any scenes using Sunpositioner, instead of the fully functional standard Daylight system, can be rendered just like any other native renderer now.


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Posted by Kim Sternisha