Update: Chaos Group V-Ray for 3ds Max Hotfix 1 released

V-Ray Next 3ds Max NVIDIA GPU RTX

In Depth: Why Should I Use V-Ray? V-Ray for 3ds Max Hotfix 1 was released yesterday. The new feature is VRayBackToBeauty which added a render element to expand to all beauty render channels. Below, read about the modified features and bug fixes.

Build 5.00.04

Official Release, Hotfix 1

Date 14 July 2020

New features


  • Add render element that will expand to all beauty render channels;

Modified feature


  • Simplify the Image sampler options;


  • View image button should work for .tx bitmaps;


  • Add an option to not compute for the viewports;


  • Raise the default Refraction and Reflection Max depth to 8;


  • Add keyboard shortcut for Lock Pixel Coordinates (“L”);
  • Support for the color corrections and VRayDenoiser in V-Ray Viewport IPR;
  • Zoom key combinations support;


  • Progress of V-Ray Material Library download should display downloaded/total size in the installer;

Bug fixes


  • VRayDisplacementMod’s Subdivision not working far from scene origin;


  • Activating 3ds Max menus during IPR stops image updates in the VFB;
  • Memory leak with VRayDistanceTex;


  • Orthographic projection not rendered properly with RTX;


  • Wrong objects in the exclude list when merged in a scene;


  • NaN pixels occur with textured adaptive dome light;


  • Overlapping MaxScript names of gradient parameters;


  • Incorrect motion blur;


  • More noise with Blue Noise Sampling enabled for grid volumes;


  • Artifacts with Filmic tonemap;
  • Colorful halo with Lens Effects and positive Lightness values in the Hue/Saturation color correction;
  • Crash on consecutive V-Ray GPU IPR restarts when selecting different layers;
  • Crash on scene open when the scene was saved with legacy VFB LUT color correction;
  • Different convert to composite result if the first light is turned off;
  • Large color values are not formatted properly in pixel info;
  • Missing color corrections/post effects on image copied to clipboard;
  • Resize on region IPR when an image has been previously loaded from history;
  • Show corrected colors doesn’t work;
  • Switching from OCIO to sRGB and back loses the OCIO settings;
  • Window position can not be saved on a non-primary monitor;


  • “Too many open files” error when loading many LUT files;


  • Downloading the V-Ray Material Library does not work with network paths starting with “\\”;
  • The install log is empty when an error occurs;

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Posted by Michele Yamazaki