Update: D16 Group SilverLine Plugins Updated with Big Sur Compatibility


All the Silverline plugins have been updated with Catalina and Big Sur compatibility as well as some bug fixes.

D16 Group SilverLine Bundle

The SilverLine bundle includes the following plug-ins: Spacerek, Godfazer, Tekturon, Decimort, Devastor, Antresol, Syntorus, Toraverb, Redoptor, and Fazortan.

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What’s new in all the plug-ins?

  • Better compatibility with the latest macOS versions (Catalina and Big Sur for Intel based computers)*.
  • Interface unification across all products.
  • Fix for misbehavior of preset change alert.
  • Fixes of other so far reported and discovered issues.
  • Code maintenance.
  • Digital signature for installers and plug-ins (Windows and macOS).

(*) Due to Apple requirements for new macOS’es 32-Bit versions are abandoned in all new builds. In consequence new updates cannot be used in 32-Bit environment (DAWs) like Pro Tools 10.

There are also plug-in specific changes as well:


  • Fixed:
    • Problem with audio initialization (ducking-like artifact).
    • Problem with latency compensation for 48 kHz.


  • Fixed:
    • Problem with latency during initialization.
    • Crackles during first playback.
    • Crackles occurring for specific audio buffer sizes.


  • Fixed:
    • Issues with Phase Shift for LFO’s Random waveform.


  • Fixed:
    • Empty parameters shown for automation (Pro Tools).
  • Changed:
    • Font size for model selectors.
    • Factory Default skin set to Medium.
  • Added:
    • Hover Prev/Next buttons to move through Filter/Ensemble models.


  • Fixed:
    • Latency compensation in higher sample rates.
  • Added:
    • Hover Prev/Next buttons to move through Reverb models.


  • Fixed:
    • Problem with not working Delay Lines for bigger delay times under certain conditions.


  • Fixed:
    • Issue with partial signal processing in Bypass mode on Pro Tools.
    • Problem with audible delay network adjustment during preset change.

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Posted by Kim Sternisha