Update: Digital Anarchy Transcriptive 1.5 – Adds Transcriptive A.I. Service

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This update to Digital Anarchy Transcriptive has a major fix for the Adobe bug, plus adds the new feature Transcriptive A.I. Service.

Chief Executive Jim Tierney has this to say about the Adobe bug fix:

The Adobe bug is completely addressed on Windows. You can now use Transcriptive with Premiere 13.0.2 and above on Windows. (read below for some important details however)

On Mac it’s complicated. The bug that was causing projects to get partially corrupted is fixed. That’s the big one. Once we fixed that, we realized there’s another memory leak with Chromium (a version of Google’s Chrome that Adobe uses for the panel window) that also will eventually cause Premiere to crash. v1.5 does not address this. This is a less critical bug. If your machine starts slowing down you can just close the Transcriptive panel and re-open it. However, it’s still a significant problem if you have 60+ minute transcripts. There more details in the Transcriptive section below.

The Caveat…

with fixing the Adobe bug is that we had to completely change how we save data with the project. On BOTH Mac and Windows, there is now a Update Project item in Transcriptive’s Main Menu. You have to open your project and apply this to reformat the data in old projects. Otherwise they will still cause 13.0.2/3 to crash. We recommend installing 13.0.1, updating your projects, and then move to 13.0.3.

As always, back up your project before you do this. Also, you don’t need to update projects you’re not working on. Our understanding is that Adobe will eventually fix this bug and it won’t matter how the Transcriptive data is formatted. For now… it matters. So apply Update Project in any projects you want to use in 13.0.3.

The Good News

In between fixing bugs, we actually had a little time to add a few new features! Ok, well a lot of them were U.I. changes that make things a bit easier and our own bug fixes, but still, we’re happy there was some good forward movement.

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What’s new in Digital Anarchy Transcriptive 1.5?

The biggest new feature is the ability to use the Transcriptive A.I. service. You’ll need to create an account on Transcriptive.com to use it, but it’s then accessible in the panel. This tends to be more accurate than Speechmatics, but it’s also more expensive at .12/min. However, Transcriptive A.I.’s Align function is only .02/min.

We’ve removed Watson from the panel. The main reason we included Watson was because they offered 1000 minutes free per month. This discontinued that in December. That combined with their other constant changes which regularly broke the login process and made it inaccessible until we fixed it, made it the right decision to remove it. We realize that removes the lowest cost option but we hope to have some announcements after NAB that will reduce the cost of the other services.

Performance on long transcripts should be improved. We fixed some bugs and made a bunch of optimizations that should make overall usability much snappier.

A few important UI changes:

  • The Import button is now front and center
  • The Status Field has been replaced with a Notification menu
  • There’s an Account menu to help manage your Transcriptive.com account.
  • The Jobs dialog shows you all your transcripts regardless of what service you used.
  • The Lock Transcriptive button (padlock) now changes color.

Of course, as mentioned we worked around the Adobe bug that is crashing Premiere and corrupting projects. For Transcriptive to work in 13.0.2 or 13.0.3 you MUST go to the Transcriptive Main Menu and select Update Project. We highly recommend you do this in 13.0.1 as large projects may crash Premiere before Project’s metadata can be updated.

Also, on Mac, there’s another memory leak that can cause the machine to crash. This does not corrupt the project file, so it’s not catastrophic but we realize it’s still a pain in the ass. If you start to notice the Mac get sluggish, close Transcriptive immediately. Reopen Transcriptive, you don’t need to quit Premiere, and you should be fine for a while. You can also keep an eye on the Activity Monitor and see if Memory is almost maxed out.

We are working on the Mac issue and hope to have some sort of fix in the next week or so.

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Posted by Kim Sternisha