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Update: Digital Anarchy Transcriptive Roughcutter v3.1 – New AI Premium Service

digital anarchy transcriptive roughcutter 3.1 update

Digital Anarchy has updated Transcriptive Roughcutter 3.1 with several new features and improvements to the workflow, as well as a new pricing tier that includes AI premium service.

The New Transcriptive A.I. Premium Service

We’re constantly looking for ways to improve Transcriptive. Obviously this means making the panel and website better but also constantly looking for new ways or partners to improve the A.I. side of things. The A.I. that actually does the transcribing is not our tech, we just license it. As such, we’re constantly evaluating different A.I. services (there are many of them) and sometimes swapping them out behind the scenes if one seems better than the others. While most of the services are similarly priced, some of them are more expensive. As you might expect, they are also the most accurate.

To take advantage of this, we’re releasing a new pricing tier, Premium, that costs .15/min pay-as-you-go or .12/min if you pre-pay the minutes.

We still offer the .08-.04/min pricing tier that gives you the lowest per minute cost of any service out there and at the same quality as what most services are offering. And if all your audio is high quality (no background noise, well-spoken talent, etc), you should continue using this tier. The difference between Premium and Standard accuracy for very good audio is minimal.

However, for poor audio, Premium is usually much more accurate. Many files that result in unusable transcripts are now comparable to the transcripts you get from medium/good quality audio and very usable. It’s a huge leap in accuracy for those of you dealing with difficult audio.

And more accurate transcripts mean less time editing transcripts and more time editing video!

-Jim Tierney
Chief Executive Anarchist
Digital Anarchy

What’s new in Transcriptive Roughcutter v3.1?

In addition to updating the A.I. Service menu to include TS A.I. Premium, Transcriptive Rough Cutter v.3.1 also adds a number of new feature and improvements to its transcription workflow, including:

  • Easy Adobe Transcripts Import: You can now import SRTs generated wtih Adobe’s new Text Panel (and transcription service) and Transcriptive will automatically align them, giving them timecode just as if you had used Transcriptive A.I. (of course, you should compare the accuracy of the two services to understand why Adobe Sensei is free).
  • Create Markers for Each Transcript Sentence: For users who want the transcript shown as markers on their timelines, Marker Export can now save each sentence as a separate marker.
  • SRT Sentence Splitting: When Exporting an SRT file out of Transcriptive, you have the option of having a new line created for new sentences.
  • Text Editor Improvements: We’ve tweaked/fixed a few things in the Text Editor to make it work more like a word processor. Selecting, copying and pasting functionalities now behave more like you’d expect, so users can easily add missing segments to the transcribed text, as well as quickly replace highlighted words with the correct text or sentence.


Digital Anarchy Transcriptive Rough CutterDigital Anarchy Transcriptive Rough Cutter

Transforming Transcription, Search & Video Editing

Creating transcript-based rough-cuts in Premiere Pro and online is now easier than ever. Transcriptive Rough Cutter for Premiere, the PowerSearch metadata search engine and Transcriptive Web App are designed to harness text-based video editing. Their integration with Premiere Pro and each other allows Adobe users to create collaborative, transcript-based rough cuts in Premiere Pro and quickly share transcripts online. By using either the Rough Cut or Selects workflow, Transcriptive Rough Cutter provides two powerful ways of creating transcript-based rough cuts in Premiere.

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Posted by Kim Sternisha

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