Update: divergent media ScopeBox v4.1 – Apple Silicon Support, Alerts & File based QC

scopebox 4.1 update

divergent media has released ScopeBox 4.1.  It’s a big release that includes native support for Apple Silicon m1 based macs, beta previews of all new timecoded alerts and file based QC workflows and more.


Software Scopes for DIT, Production, Editing and Finishing

ScopeBox has all the scopes you’d expect from hardware, and many many more. A custom toolset crafted for creative professionals – colorists, editors, and shooters. You can mix and match scopes, save layouts, and be confident that you’re seeing every pixel and every frame of your signal.

ScopeBox gives you a high quality, flexible preview monitor. You get all the features you’d expect to find on a high-end field monitor. With false color and feature insights, you get the most powerful toolset available for quanitative viewing. Add framing guides and overlays to make sure that your shot works out exactly the way you expect.

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What’s new in ScopeBox 4.1?

Apple Silicon (m1) Support

ScopeBox 4.1 support m1 Macs for all sources who have updated their driver support. This includes support for Blackmagic Design devices; UVC devices (AJA T-tap, Magewell usb devices, ATEM switches, Epiphan devices, and more); and NDI 5 support. In addition,  divergent media is shipping universal binary support for all ScopeLink components, so you can use them in both native and rosetta apps on m1. AJA has announced Apple Silicon support is coming in a future update to their SDK, and will be rolled into ScopeBox when available.

Beta Alerts & File Based QC

For the first time ever, they are publicly releasing new features as beta in the shipping app. When possible these have been marked as such. ScopeBox 4.1 includes public previews of the new timecoded alerts functionality and a brand new timeline view for file based QC. You can trigger alerts when your video exceeds preset luma, chroma, and gamut ranges; tag video slug and silent audio regions; and warn on audio peak or EBU r-128 loudness excursions. The new timeline view displays TimeTrace scopes, audio waveforms, and alerts synchronized to movie file playback. See video and audio levels for your entire deliverable at a glance.

divergent media hopes this beta preview allows users to help steer the product direction of both these features. They encourage users to reach out to support@divergentmedia.com with any and all bug reports, feature requests, and feedback.

As always, ScopeBox updates are available via in app auto update and by downloading from their trial page.

Full change list:

  • Apple silicon support – universal m1 support for ScopeBox and all ScopeLink plugins
  • Beta Alert support – adds timecoded alerts for live sources (luma, chroma, and gamut excursions; video slug detection; audio peak and r128 loudness)
  • Beta Timeline support – new timeline view shows timetraces and alerts for intuitive file based QC
  • Layouts can now save and recall source settings (thanks Ronald!)
  • Layouts now save and recall palette overlays
  • Added pref for saving stills as png, jpg, or tiff (thanks James!)
  • Still store captures now round trip with correct color when saved as tiff (they clip super whites/blacks in png or jpg) (thanks Ulrich!)
  • ATEM usb source correctly shows
  • Adds color targets to cie plot and xyy channel plots
  • Color targets are now preserved between launches
  • Fixes possible echo on movie playback preview audio (thanks Edward!)
  • Fixes corrupt frames in macbook 16” (MacBookPro16,1) with 8bit YCbCr formats
  • Fixes brief hang when selecting view or source menu for first time each launch
  • Fixes rare crash when altering settings on CMIO based sources
  • Improves performance of HML palette
  • Improves support for Premiere Pro v15 in ScopeLink (thanks Jesenko!)
  • Improves Resolve ScopeLink support to properly handle out of gamut RGB values (thanks Rikk!)
  • Various performance & stability improvements


Posted by Kim Sternisha