Update: Hit’n’Mix RipX 5.2.5 – Up to 2x faster ripping speeds

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Hit’n’Mix has updated RipX v5.2.5 with many enhancements to the DeepRemix and DeepAudio modules.

What’s new in RipX 5.2.5.

RipX 5.2.5 features the following enhancements to the DeepRemix and DeepAudio modules:


  • Mac only: Now fully native for Apple Silicon (M1 etc) – up to 2x faster ripping speeds!
  • Mac only: Focus correctly set in Export, Change Tempo and other RipScript windows, so you can type straightaway without clicking on the edit box
  • Mac only: Python language version upgraded to 3.9
  • Windows only: If choose the root of a drive as a Rips or Stems folder, now functions correctly
  • Added How To… section to manual covering common tasks
  • Various bug fixes


  • Percussion now displayed and editable as ‘blobs’ like drums and kick drums.
  • Stops playing properly when clicking on background of rip to stop full playback of selected notes
  • Sets cursor correctly when clicking on background of rip to cancel note selection
  • Faster application of live effects and repairs
  • Mac: Notes no longer visibly stutter when applying live effects and repairs
  • Fixed slider position for some effects that cannot be applied to unpitched audio, when unpitched audio is selected
  • Fixed issue with apparently un-selectable notes after dragging a large number of them
  • Harmony Effects can now be rendered using Audio>Render Adjustments & Effects. This allows you to quickly create harmonies, and then edit the harmony component further.
  • Better Unpitched Tool auto-contrast
  • Shows time range at bottom-right of screen for whole drum/percussion blob when hovering over one (previously just showed for part of it)


  • If Rips Output Folder is changed during ripping, ripping now completes successfully with the rip file in the newly chosen destination.
  • Fixed temporary file removal.
  • Improved progress bar accuracy
  • Improved kick & snare drum recognition
  • Fixed an issue where canceling ripping for a file could cause other files not to complete ripping


  • Fixed incorrect note tuning for MIDI Notes option (introduced in v5.2.1)
  • Now exports Kick Drum, Drums and Percussion blobs in MIDI files. Only newly ripped tracks will include Percussion and it is recommended to re-rip for improved kick and drums recognition.
  • Now stores tempo map in MIDI files

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Posted by Kim Sternisha