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Update: INSYDIUM Fused – March 2022 – New Taiao + TerraformFX & Mesh Tools Update

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The March 2022 update to INSYDIUM Fused adds the new Taiao procedural tool kit for generating and animating trees, plants and grasses, plus updates to TerraformFX and Mesh Tools.

What’s new in INSYDIUM Fused March 2022


Taiao is an incredible new procedural tool kit for generating and animating stunning trees, plants and grasses inside Cinema 4D.

Use toPlant to create any plant, from shrubs and flowers to big fruit trees. You can procedurally model plants and flowers in a matter of minutes.

toTree enables you to fill volumes with non-intersecting branches and leaves, fantastic for motion graphics shots. Generate grass or any scene object onto geometry using toGrass. Multi-instance support speeds up the viewport scenes, keeping load times quicker and lighter.

Design, generate and animate stunning plant life with detailed intuitive, artist-friendly controls exclusive to INSYDIUM Fused.



TerraformFX has been updated with artist-friendly features and tools. It’s even more efficient with calculations up to seven times faster than before.

Custom landscapes can be designed and created within minutes. All these enhanced tools will give you more artistic freedom and control. You’ll find new and updated filters, new path and road generators with cloning, exclusive to INSYDIUM Fused.

New Features

  • Generators
    • tfGrid Adds a grid of adjustment handles; with these, you can custom design the landscape, including a new grid brush to paint and sculpt the land.
  • Filters
    • tfPath Procedural path operator, add a custom spline to generate paths and roads in the landscape.
    • tfErosion Snow New Erosion operator, tfErosion Snow lets you add snowy materials to your terrains.
    • tfHighpass Filter to help maintain details in existing layers without destroying the original form of the landscape.
  • Others
    • tfRoad Part of tfPath, the new tfRoad generates a procedural road based on the path, with built-in cloning for adding roadside structures.




MeshTools has a new and improved procedural modeling toolset for remeshing, Spline Sampling and polygon animations, exclusive to INSYDIUM Fused. With additional enhancements to mtInset, you can now add divisions, Shape and twist procedurally modeled objects generated from your scene Platonic. These improvements and new features offer you even more artistic freedom and control.

New Features

  • mtSplineSample lets you resample the input spline to add uniform, adaptive and distance point distribution modes.
  • mtPolyScale Takes an input geometry and scales down the faces.
  • mtRemesh Remeshes the input geometry into a Delaunay triangulation-based mesh surface.


  • mtInset
    • Divisions feature adds more divisions along the length of the inset.
    • Divisions deform spline lets you deform the shape of the offset with the spline.
    • Twist twists the inset face.



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INSYDIUM Fused Perpetual License

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