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Update: INSYDIUM X-Particles & Cycles 4D, Cinema 4D R21 Compatible

insydium cinema 4d r21 compatible

INSYDIUM has updated both X-Particles (Build 732) and Cycles 4D (Build 353) to be compatible with Maxon Cinema 4D R21.

Cinema 4D R21 Compatible

INSYDIUM is pleased to announce that their current builds of X-Particles and Cycles 4D are compatible with Cinema 4D R21.

Cinema 4D API Changes

Cinema 4D R21 has seen API Changes. As a result of these changes, all third-party developers such as INSYDIUM, have had to adapt their plug-ins. X-Particles is a sophisticated piece of software, which means these changes take up significant development time and it is only possible to implement them on our latest builds.

X-Particles/Cycles 4D and Cinema 4D Compatibility explained

  • X-Particles 3.5 Cinema 4D R14-R19
  • X-Particles 4 (Build 535) Cinema 4D R14-R20
  • X-Particles Build 642 Cinema 4D R14-R20
  • X-Particles Build 728 Cinema 4D R14-R20
  • X-Particles Build 732 Cinema 4D R14-R21
  • Cycles 4D Build 321 Cinema 4D R14-R20
  • Cycles 4D Build 336 Cinema 4D R14-R20
  • Cycles 4D Build 353 Cinema 4D R14-R21

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Wondering what other Cinema 4D plug-ins are compatible with R21? Check out our constantly updated C4D Compatibility page.

insydium x-particlesX-Particles

X-Particles is a fully-featured advanced particle and VFX system for MAXON’s Cinema 4D. Multithreaded, X-Particles utilises all of your computers CPUs whenever possible for speed and efficiency. A unique rule system of Questions and Actions enables complete control over particle simulations.

Learn More | Purchase X-Particles


insydium cycles 4dCycles 4D

Cycles 4D is a dedicated bridge plugin allowing Cinema 4D users to access the Cycles rendering engine directly inside Cinema 4D without the need for an external application.

With INSYDIUM’s own Real-Time Preview window and fully featured Node Editor, along with our eye for detail and quality, Cycles 4D is the ultimate render companion with unparalleled access to all Cinema 4D Modules and superb integration with X-Particles.

Learn More | Purchase Cycles 4D


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Posted by Kim Sternisha

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