Update: Krotos Audio Weaponiser v1.4: Improved Sound Quality + Sale Pricing

krotos weaponiser 30% Off

Krotos Audio has updated both versions of Weaponiser with improved sound quality and usability.  Plus, right now you can save 30% during the Krotos Audio Winter Sale!  Sale ends March 1, 2021.


Krotos Audio Winter Sale – 30% Off Weaponiser!  Sale ends March 1, 2021

Weaponiser is the powerful sound design sampler that allows you to design, customize, and perform a huge range of sound effects at high speed – all from within one plugin. Transform your sound design with endless flexibility and fuel your creativity with Weaponiser!

Weaponiser comes in two versions: Basic lets you get started with a light selection of assets, and Fully Loaded offers an extensive range of included libraries covering Weapons, Footsteps, Magic, Trailers, Whooshes and User Interface sounds.

Weapons, Footsteps, Whooshes, Impacts… any sound at your fingertips

Choose from a diverse range of included sound library categories, easily accessible through the tag-driven browser via simple drag-and-drop. Import these into Weaponiser’s customised engines to design your components and layers with ease – Onset, Body, Thump and Tail. Weaponiser also includes a huge range of designed presets, straight out of the box to get you started immediately.

Weaponiser Fully Loaded: MSRP: $599.00  SALE: $419.30  Buy Now

Weaponiser Basic: MSRP: $199.00  SALE: $139.30   Buy Now

What’s new in Weaponiser 1.4?

Sound improvements: Weaponiser now sounds better than ever!

Weaponiser sounds better than ever, with improvements to the core engine. Transients and high frequency response are improved across all material and sample rates.

Workflow improvements: work even faster and more efficiently

In response to your feedback Krotos has made a series of tweaks to how Weaponiser displays sample information, and how you can edit and access assets.

  • The file name of the currently loaded sample will now display in the sample engine in the plugin. This is especially useful when loading multiple sounds into Weaponiser’s bank system, where choosing the correct asset to delete from the dropdown could get tricky.
  • Long file names are automatically scrollable when displayed in this area, making it easy to track variations, if they exceed a certain length and files from your own library and other providers. Longer file names also scroll in the file browser, helping you find the exact asset you’re looking for faster and more easily.
  • Zoom using the mouse wheel or trackpad has also been added to the sample engine. This speeds up finding the exact region of complex assets or those with multiple takes, allowing quick zooms in and out without needing to use the +/- buttons in the UI (which still operate as before).

How do I update to the latest version?

If you already own Weaponiser, you will be prompted automatically to download the latest version when you next open the plugin. You can check your version manually by going to Menu > Update in the top bar of the plugin.

You can also access latest versions of any Krotos plugin in the ‘My Downloads’ section of your account when logged in on the Krotos website.

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Free Trial

Weaponiser is available to try for free with a 10 day trial. The demo features a smaller selection of presets and assets than the full version for you to test the software’s potential.

Try Weaponiser for free!


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Posted by Kim Sternisha