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Update: Left Angle Autograph 2024v7.1 – New Modifiers and Enhancements

left angle autograph 2024v7.1 update

This update to Left Angle Autograph, your creative partner for motion design, visual effects, and mass video production, brings new modifiers like Vector Blur, Stroke & Posterize, Generators like Transform to Vectors, new text features, additional 3D features, and more.

Left Angle Autograph

Left Angle Autograph

Next Gen creative tools for Motion Design, Visual Effects and Mass Custom Video Production

Left Angle Autograph is a 2D and 3D graphic composition program, loaded with high-quality, accessible tools for digital artists.

Autograph is the new leading application that allows digital artists to reach the creative and artistic heights of the future. Crafted with both the motion design and visual effects industries in mind, Autograph allows artists to work with speed and precision.

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What’s new in Autograph 2024v7.1

New Features

left angle autograph new blurNew Vector Blur Modifier

Add motion blur to an image with motion vectors that are either automatically generated or provided.

left angle autograph new strokeNew Stroke Modifier.

Add either solid or edge gradient contours to an object, based on the alpha channel.

left angle autograph new posterizeNew Posterize Modifier

Reduce the number of colors

left angle autograph new generatorsNew Transform to Vectors Generator

Convert either a Transform to a vector field, to be used with the Vector Blur or Distort modifiers.


New Displacement Map to Vectors Modifier

Convert a displacement map in the range [0,1] (e.g: a Noise) to Vectors to be used with the Vector Blur or Distort modifiers.

UI Update

Panels in the workspace can now be minimized to quickly hide and reveal a panel.



  • Text Layer: Improved motion blur. It now uses the same technique as the layer motion blur, and offers better quality and rendering speed without having to manually adapt the number of divisions.
  • Distort/Displace Modifier: Add Depth Image Param to control pixels z-order when using the Forward mode
  • Viewer: color info picker now also show intensities for the secondary view image
  • Param dimension mode menu: support multi-edit to easily convert multiple parameters at once
  • 3D Selection: better selection highlight with contour-based
  • 3D: restyled transformation gizmos and 3D guides
  • 3D: Add options in the viewport to set the camera top/down/front/back/left/right
  • 3D: Add snapping when translating and rotating objects. Snapping options can be controlled in the toolbar
  • Grid Generator: Add built-in Offset param
  • Threshold Modifier: add Invert param
  • Mosaic Modifier: add new Tile Count mode, Aspect Ratio and Offset parameters.
  • Timecode To String: add support for Frame mode, with optional offset
  • Add a right click option when on Media sources referenced on image parameters to quickly set the Output Part


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Posted by Kim Sternisha

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