Update: Lightmap HDR Light Studio – Xenon Drop 2 Now Available

hdr light studio xenon drop 2

Lightmap has just announced the immediate availability of HDR Light Studio – Xenon Drop 2.  Drop 2 adds new filters, a new Light Looks feature and more.

HDR Light Studio

Create the perfect HDRI lighting in minutes with HDR Light Studio Pro. Lighting shots are now fast, precise and easy. Simply click on the model to position lights on a live HDRI map.

HDR Light Studio software provides 3D artists with a new way to light 3D imagery. Paint your shot with lights. The lighting process is now easy, fast, precise, creative and enjoyable. HDR Light Studio builds lighting that is used by your existing 3D software and renderer. By adding HDR Light Studio, 3D artists become more productive and image quality improves.

Frustrated with your 3D lighting process?

HDR Light Studio will dramatically improve the way you light:

  • Easily and quickly light your 3D models to a very high standard
  • Enjoy a more creative and flexible lighting process
  • Meet your deadlines and produce higher value images

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What’s new in Xenon Drop 2?


The first filter added to HDR Light Studio is Diffusion – a blur effect that mimics the diffusion of light through a material like tracing paper or cloth. Spreading and softening the light.

Diffusion key features:

  • Real-time – change settings with instant feedback
  • Energy Conserving – preserving the amount of light in your HDRI map.
  • Spherical option for HDRI Maps
  • Planar option for Area Lights
  • Use with Masking to apply Diffusion to specific regions
  • Available only on Composite Light content

Light Looks

The lighting process is about creativity and experimentation. There are so many lighting decisions to make and so many different approaches you can try out. Light Looks allow you to easily store, compare, duplicate and edit multiple lighting designs in a single HDR Light Studio project – supporting your creative lighting process.

Try Different Lighting Looks
Kind of goes without saying… but….. you can use Light Looks to create distinctly different lighting moods or styles for the same shot. These are all stored in the same HDR Light Studio project. So once you or your client chooses their favourite Look, it’s easy to select it and produce the final render or make further tweaks to the lighting if needed.

Saving Lighting Iterations
During the lighting process, duplicate the Look you are working on, and then continue with the lighting process. By creating this history of the lighting process using Light Looks, you can easily compare earlier versions and decide if the lighting has improved or not.

Lighting for different Cameras
In a single HDR Light Studio project, you can now set up a lighting design for each camera view. So you no longer need to save multiple scenes file in your host 3D software for each lighting design.

Use Child Looks to make adjustments to a common Base
Imagine you have a product to light, but it comes in different colors. Set up a base Look as the foundation for your lighting. Then create Child Looks to augment the lighting for each colorway, i.e. adding different lights on top of the common base. With a Child Look active, all lighting higher up in the ‘tree hierarchy’ is added together like one big light list.

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New Drop 2 training videos

Introducing Diffusion Filter – Xenon Drop 2 from HDR Light Studio on Vimeo.

Diffuser Panel Effect – Xenon Drop 2 from HDR Light Studio on Vimeo.

Tracing Paper Effect – Xenon Drop 2 from HDR Light Studio on Vimeo.

Blurring Bright Lights – Xenon Drop 2 from HDR Light Studio on Vimeo.

Blurring Area Lights – Xenon Drop 2 from HDR Light Studio on Vimeo.

Introducing Light Looks – Xenon Drop 2 from HDR Light Studio on Vimeo.


Posted by Kim Sternisha