Update: Pilgway 3DCoat v4.9.34 for Windows

Pilgway 3dCoat

The new 3DCoat v4.9.34 update adds multiple useful tools and improvements, all to make your 3D artwork faster, easier and better. For a point update, it seems that they’ve added a LOT of new features. Below are the release notes from Pilgway.

3DCoat now has native support of Blender via built-in AppLink!

Full compatibility with Quixel Megascan

If you download a Quixel material into “Downloads” 3DCoat will automatically notify you that a new material has been downloaded and will offer you to install it as a material or shader.

The same happens if you download a Smart Materials pack from the 3DCoat PBR Scans Store.

Real-time Cloth Simulation in 3DCoat

Real-time Cloth Simulation in 3DCoat is now at a new level of quality and speed!

Sculpt room includes a new Bend tool

Other updates

  • Possibility to bypass dialogs in Autopo menu.
  • Completely new Alphas creation mechanism.
  • 3DCoat imports external maps during PPP import in a much smarter way now. It recognizes gloss/roughness/metalness maps and puts them to the corresponding layers.
  • Full path to the texture shown in the Smart Material’s hint.
  • If several UV sets use the same name, the user will be asked to rename, so the confusion could be avoided.
  • Tweaking vertex position with RMB updates mesh normals correctly now.
  • Correct text via F9 moved to the Help menu.
  • Correct symmetry support for all retopo/select commands. Split selected edges support SHIFT snapping.
  • “On plane” constraints made accessible in the Retopo Room.
  • Correct support of TIFF files (4.1.0) added, including Zip compression.
  • Removed old-style gizmos from the Curve/Text tools.
  • Baking of intersecting objects without “blur” between layers now.
  • Res+ works correctly for really large meshes (can subdivide up to 160m with 32 GB RAM).

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Posted by Michele Yamazaki