Update: Pixel Lab Octane Lighting Essentials Final Update: Long Shadow Studio

pl long shadow blue

The Pixel Lab has finally finished updating Octane Lighting Essentials with the last studio: Long Shadow.  This brings the total to 20 beautiful Octane studio setups.

Octane Lighting Essentials

Jump start your lighting with 20 completely customizable lighting studios. Each one has a full xpresso rig so you can easily modify the lights and colors.

New & Final Scene: Long Shadow

This update is called “Long Shadow” and it’s a really sexy studio with a set of easy to use controls. You can change the light color, direction of shadow, BG colors, text etc.

pixel lab octane lighting essentials long shadow


If you already purchased Octane Lighting Essentials you will receive an e-mail with the new update.

The Pixel Lab has also announced that they will start working on a Octane Lighting Essentials Volume 2 now, so keep your eyes open for that in the future!

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Posted by Kim Sternisha