Update: Pulldownit for 3d Max v4.8.2 – Compatible with 3ds Max 2022

pulldownit for 3ds max 4.8.2 update

The latest release of Pulldownit for 3ds Max is already compatible with 3ds Max 2022 and also adds several bug fixes.

Pulldownit for 3ds MaxPulldownit for 3ds Max

Shatter and Destruction Plug-in

Pulldownit is a dynamics solver which allows for the creation of fractures as well as massive rigid bodies simulations. By using its technology digital artists are able to simulate fast and easily the collapse of buildings, cracking surfaces or fracturing any kind of brittle material.

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What’s new in Pulldownit for 3ds Max v4.8.2

This update features a number of fixes from previous version and is compatible with 3ds Max 2022.


  • Fixed convex hull for very thin objects was created a 0 height always
  • Fixed animated fbodies does transition to dynamics wrong when using “break at frame” clusters
  • Fixed “break at frame” clusters are ignored if the object is already broken
  • Fixed pdi crash when shattering a model with more than 8 uvsets
  • Fixed shatter it crash sometimes when objects has several uvsets assigned
  • Fixed issues when shattering containers objects
  • Fixed single rigid bodies still created when create fracture fails
  • Fixed cracker size cannot be less than 0.1, causing issues when working in cm
  • Fixed reshattering an object duplicates shatter group when original object has childs
  • Fixed path based shatter does it wrong sometimes when using it without preview mode
  • Fixed plugin crash when select cracker path but no cracker selected in list
  • Fixed crash when Undo all shatter and some fragments belong to an existing fracture body
  • Prevent viewport degrade geometry when in shatter preview mode
  • Fixed alembic object name is always combined01
  • Fixed Fbody anim modifier fails to animate fbody hardness correctly
  • Fixed clusterize removes “relative to mass” weights for “activate at frame” fbodies
  • Fixed force fields can break completely fracture bodies regardless of its hardness
  • Fixed force fields can activate “only break” fracture bodies
  • Fixed crackers not moving still causes objects fracturing
  • Fixed Static “only break” fbodies are activated by broken clusters if clusterize > 0

3d Max 2022 brings quite a few of improvements and revamped features, in the modelling field, extrude, symmetry, slice and relax modifiers are more powerful and user friendly, smart extrude is now supported by edit poly which speed up greatly the workflow when modeling, and it comes with a new ability to auto create holes just by pushing selected polygons away.

Posted by Kim Sternisha