Update: Red Giant PluralEyes v4.1.11 and Shooter Suite v13.1.14

red giant pluraleyes 4.1.11 update

Red Giant PluralEyes gets a maintenance update that includes DaVinci Resolve Support and more.  Shooter Suite, and of course, Red Giant Complete have also been updated with new version of PluralEyes.


PluralEyes scrutinizes the soundtrack from your video footage or camera files and matches them up flawlessly, in nothing flat. Instantaneously sync your audio and video footage even if you don’t have clapboards or timecode. No more tedious syncing by hand!

What’s new in v4.1.11

DaVinci Resolve Support

The issues that prevented customers from moving between PluralEyes and Davinci Resolve have been resolved.

Customers can now choose to synchronize their files directly in PluralEyes and export to Davinci Resolve or they can choose to prep their files directly in Resolve and then send to PluralEyes to synchronize.

BRAW & RED Gemini Support

Customers reported that PluralEyes was unable to read BRAW and RED Gemini video files. We have resolved the issue and you can now import these into PluralEyes for syncing.

IMPORTANT: There is still one known Issue – BRAW video display is currently not supported in PluralEyes.

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Shooter Suite

With Red Giant Shooter Suite, in essence, fix footage, uprez to 4K, sync your audio and video, and accurately back up your footage in the field with these crucial plug-ins from Red Giant.

The suite includes:

  • PluralEyes
  • Instant 4K
  • Frames
  • Offload

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How To Update

To update, run Red Giant Application Manager. You’ll see that there is a blue UPDATE button next to Shooter Suite. Click on that, and the update will begin to download. When the download is complete, you will be prompted to run the installer. Once you run the installer PluralEyes will be ready to go.


RED GIANT | PluralEyes 4.1 – Music Video Workflow

Introducing the new PluralEyes 4.1 Music Video Workflow. A popular way to shoot music videos is to have talent performing along with the same background audio (music track) in multiple takes or even in multiple locations. During the A/V sync, PluralEyes can automatically consolidate takes on their own track, muting all audio but the master track.

NOTES: The project in this tutorial has 91 clips covering over 2.5 hours of material. To sync this by hand might take two days. But the end-to-end PluralEyes process, from initial import to final export, took less than nine minutes. The video clips used in this tutorial were from the music video “My .45” by The Green Lady Killers.

Posted by Kim Sternisha