Update: Resolume Arena & Avenue v7.1.2 – Improved Gradient & Clip Transitions

resolume v7.1.2 update

This small update to the Resolume Arena Media Server and Avenue offers a slew of bug fixes plus improved gradient and clip transitions.

What’s new in Arena and Avenue v7.1.2?

Resolume 7.1.2 fixes a few bugs and crashes but also has a much improved Gradient that can now take a palette of multiple colours. You can now link layer parameters to the clip transition phase which allows you to make custom clip transitions from effects.

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Improved Gradient


Clip Transition Phase

Bug Fixes

Hot Fix April 21st

  • #14057 Resync button doesn’t reset BPM synced video clip transport
  • #14063 Dial Range + Dashboard cause glitchy behaviour

Avenue & Arena 7.1.2 Fix List

  • #13832 Crash creating the 257th Lumiverse
  • #13917 Crash switching AV clip from BPM to Beats
  • #13949 Crash sorting midi messages
  • #13954 Crash creating shortcuts while target changed
  • #13961 Crash moving renamed effect
  • #13973 Crash switching columns while clip param envelope point contextual menu is open
  • #13986 Crash dropping source with BPM transport default to create new clip slot
  • #13821 Allow midi clock sync with no Clock Start command
  • #13959 Option to pre-fill delayed clones with transparent
  • #13895 Linear Cloner Tail Rotation not working properly
  • #13713 Alpha with Slice + inverted mask in Slice transform behaves incorrect
  • #13548 Color Hue at 360 shows magenta instead of red
  • #13710 Posterize is black at 0.0
  • #13645 Right Click Color to Reset it does not Reset animations of Sub Params
  • #13724 Show OSX Icons for Command, Shift and other Modifiers in the PopupMenu’s instead of the words ‘Command’, ‘Alt’ etc.
  • #13728 I can’t Clear a Clip that only has it’s name or color set
  • #13782 Registration preferences screen is untranslated
  • #13823 Shift + moving end points for checkbox, and combobox params makes other end point flash values
  • #13837 Clip panel monitor shows the wrong clip when the panel is updated by layer select
  • #14006 Clip panel monitor shows previously selected clip on column launch
  • #13846 Layer and group parameter envelopes can get lost
  • #13898 New layers in groups only show up after selecting another layer or clip
  • #13960 Groups can break apart when dragging layers
  • #13901 OSC /composition/tempocontroller/tempo/divide and multiply f 0-1 tries to set BPM directly
  • #13950 Shortcuts get deselected when clips are launched via other types of shortcuts
  • #13936 Crop Effect with Jitterbug blend on composition before transform can cause crash
  • #13958 BPM synced Video clips load with 8 beats duration from v6 to v7

Alley 2.1.8 Fix List

  • #14025 Crash trying to convert this file on windows
  • #13537 Alley crashes on exit while converting
  • #13849 Reordering files, Drop targets in Alley have a very small area, makes re-ordering hard
  • #13850 Dropping AV and Audio only clip to Alley, AV clip will play audio only
  • #13852 Alley plays / glitches audio samples from files in multi selection on drop


Posted by Kim Sternisha