Update/Sale: Audified RZ062 Equalizer V2 – Exclusive Intro Price Only $99

audified rz062

Audified has not only updated the RZ062 Equalizer, but is also offering an Exclusive intro price of only $99!  Get the sweetest EQ of all times, and save 50%, now through October 20, 2021.

Audified RZ062 EqualizerAudified RZ062 Equalizer

Introductory Sale - Ends October 20th 2021

The Sweetest EQ of All Times

Audified RZ062 Equalizer is the exact models of Klangfilm RZ062a and RZ062b vintage EQ modules. Two plug-ins for music production and mastering.

Both RZ062 plug-ins deliver pleasant vintage warmth and amazing presence to your vocals, instruments and entire mixes.



  • 2 EQ plug-ins in a bundle
  • Precise valve circuit models
  • Left/Right and Mid/Side modes
  • Vintage bulbs indicate valve saturation
  • Auto output parameter (link)
  • EQ offering the smoothest valve saturation

MSRP: $199.00 SALE: $99.00

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What’s new in RZ062 Equalizer v2?

On the occasion of its fourth anniversary, Audified has decided not only to update this technological gem and thus significantly improve its performance, but for a limited time, they are offering it to you at an exclusive intro price.

They have optimized and improved the tube simulation part of DSP as well as substantially improved CPU consumption. This allows you to have up to four times more RZ062 equalizers in your project. Calibration is now available as an audio parameter instead of an internal setting. Still, the default calibration value mechanism has been kept. They’ve also added an AI zoom option and extended support for the latest operating systems and DAWs.

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Posted by Kim Sternisha