Update/Sale Ending: CoreMelt Lock & Load X Update + 30% Discount

CoreMelt Lock & Load X

Build 160 of CoreMelt’s Lock & Load X was released yesterday. In the update, Lock & Load’s stabilizer for FCP X is now easier to use and more powerful than ever. Automatic analysis of rolling shutter artifacts means no more camera-specific settings. The best setting is calculated just by pushing the same “track motion” button as before. The interface is also modernized to not cover any part of the player window.

To celebrate this update, save 30% on new purchases of CoreMelt’s Lock & Load X or their Everything Bundle until August 26th, 2019. Ends tonight! 

CoreMelt Lock & Load XCoreMelt Lock & Load X

Save 30% through August 26, 2109. That’s tonight, folks!

Faster Analysis, Better Results, More Powerful

Lock & Load is the fastest and most robust stabilizer for FCP X, Premiere Pro and After Effects (Mac Only).

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To download a trial version, click on the product page.



CoreMelt Everything BundleCoreMelt Everything Bundle

Save 30% through August 26, 2019

Final Cut Pro X Grading, Tracking, VFX, Transitions, Filters all in one Bundle!

The Everything Bundle is our most powerful toolset of Final Cut Pro plugins, transitions and effects. The SliceX / TrackX / DriveX plugin suite for professional motion tracking gives you three powerful tools for using Academy Award-winning mocha tracking directly on the timeline in FCP X. Chromatic is the most comprehensive grading tool for FCP X and PaintX allows for super quick cleanups using tracked paint strokes. Also included are our blazingly fast Lock and Load X stabilizer, and our V2 Plugin set with over 220 plugins.

Everything Bundle

CoreMelt Everything Except V2 Bundle (Lock and Load + SliceX + TrackX + DriveX + Chromatic + PaintX)

To download a trial version, click on the product page.



Posted by Michele Yamazaki