Update/Sale: Shaderlight Pro 2019 (7.1) – 25% Off Thru Sept. 30, 2019

shaderlight pro 25% off

Shaderlight Pro 2019 (7.1) features updates to Shaderlight’s real-world lighting functionality, making it even easier to create photorealistic renders from Shaderlight. This is a free update for existing users. It’s also on sale right now for 25% off.  Sale ends Sept 30, 2019 at 5pm PT.

Shaderlight Pro

Take your SketchUp models to the next level with Shaderlight

Shaderlight is an interactive rendering software plug-in to SketchUp that lets you create high quality images, quickly and simply. Now with even more simple to use features, Shaderlight now gives you even more control over how you render your SketchUp models, with the ability to animate your SketchUp scenes and render to the cloud.

What’s new in Shaderlight Pro 2019 (7.1)

Colour temperature picker for lights

You can now specify the colour of Shaderlight lights by correlated colour temperature, making it easier to render real-world light fixtures that are specified by colour temperature.

White balance setting

A new White Balance control allows you to adjust the white point of renders by allowing the white point to be specified and produce images without strong colour tints.

Shaderlight light tool remembers most recently selected light

To make it easier to create lights based on existing lights in a model, the Shaderlight light placement tool now consistently uses the settings of the most recently selected light.

Existing Shaderlight 2019 license holders can get the update for free!
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25% Off Shaderlight – Now thru September 30, 2019 at 5pm PT

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Sale ends Sept 30, 2019 at 5pm PT.

Posted by Kim Sternisha