Update: Silhouette v7.5 Available, New Features, Bug Fixes

Silhouette FX update

Silhouette v7.5 brings continued innovation with major customer-driven updates. Focused on performance and usability features, Silhouette v7.5 is a result of customer feedback and requests. In short, Silhouette is an industry favorite Roto / Paint / Compositor.

How to get the Silhouette v7.5 Update

Of course, Silhouette v7.5 is a free upgrade for Silhouette v7 users. In fact, your current v7 license will run v7. 5 without making any changes. If you have not upgraded to v7 yet, it’s never too late to upgrade and take advantage of all the newest features.

Silhouette v7.5 Highlights

mocha Pro – GPU Accelerated

The mocha planar tracking algorithm was GPU accelerated using OpenCL video processing resulting in significant speed increases.

Global Parameter Adjustments

If multiple shapes or layers are selected, you can now adjust all parameters at once even if they have different settings.


Clone > Grade/Filter > Auto Grade
Auto Grade automatically grades the clone source to match the location you are painting.

Clone > Corner-Pin Controls
The Clone tab now has Numeric Corner-Pin controls.

Clone > Region
Change the position and size of the Clone on-screen control rectangle which allows the effect of the corner-pin to be controlled from a specific area.

High-Resolution Image Optimization
Paint has been optimized to work with high-resolution images. Specifically, this includes images from 8K UHD all the way up to 100-megapixel stills.

Rebuild Speed
Rebuild speed is immensely faster now.

User Interface

Compact Parameter Sliders
Compact numeric sliders have replaced the parameter sliders.

Numeric Keyboard
Clicking once on a numeric field opens a numeric keyboard.

For a complete list of new v7.5 features, changes and bug fixes, view the Updates tab on the Silhouette product page. By the same token, download the What’s New document from our demos page (must log-in to download demos). You can also download software and user guides from the same location.

Check out the Silhouette FX YouTube Channel for tutorials.

Posted by Michele Yamazaki