Update: SiNi Software v1.23 – Adds 3ds Max 2022 Support

The newest release of SiNi Software v1.23 adds support for 3ds Max 2022, Corona Renderer 7 and more for all products.

SiNi All Access

Includes IgNite, ProxSi, SiClone, Forensic, Disperse and Scatter.

IgNite is SiNi’s flagship ‘go-to’ productivity and workflow toolset 3ds Max artists use to speed up daily work, bringing everything into one UI location, including over 200+ tools, bespoke utility plugins and loading all your favourite scripts.  IgNite is an extensive collection of tools and plugins. Many of the tools are designed for the architectural visualisation pipeline, assisting artists with imported data, cleaning up models and optimising, meaning you can get into creative work faster.

ProxSi is the most advanced universal proxy available for 3ds Max. If you work with proxies ProxSi will future proof your pipeline and asset library if you choose to work with more than one renderer.

SiClone features the ability to array multiple objects and sweeps with different parameters and individual control. Furthermore, it offers full parametric workflow and is enabled for leading 3rd party renderers including V-Ray, Arnold, Corona, and Maxwell.

Disperse is a freehand 3d painting tool and object replacer that will free up your artistic creativity to allow you to paint complex scenes as easy as digitally painting in a 2D software program.

The Scatter plugin allows artists to add any 3d object, proxy (including ProxSi and all leading renderer proxies) and point cache files. You can offset animation as well as adding color variation to any material. It includes the ability to save and load presets from a file, meaning you can save your favorite presets locally or on a network for everyone to access.

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What’s new in v1.23?


  • UPDATE: 3dsMax 2022 supported in all plugins.
  • UPDATE: Support for Corona Renderer 7

IgNite Collection

  • UPDATE: Maxscript added for Copy/Paste Tools.
  • UPDATE: Maxscript added for Select Camera.
  • UPDATE: Removed disabled buttons.
  • FIX: Instance Objects will keep materials from original objects.
  • UPDATE: DirectX View not working in 2021
  • FIX: V-Ray Bitmaps were not showing in v1.22.1
  • FIX: 4K viewport display issue on Repath dialogue.

Object Plugins

  • UPDATE: Added Exact checkbox for Individual/Random to give exact spacing instead of the closest match.
  • UPDATE: Added Clone button to Objects/Sweeps to easily duplicate objects.
  • UPDATE: Added Vertical checkbox for Sweeps.
  • UPDATE: Added Cap Ends for Sweeps.
  • FIX: Crash with Corona if the same object is added more than once.
  • FIX: Rare display bug with Distributed Objects on multi-splines.
  • FIX: Crash with Corona if the same object is added more than once.
  • FIX: Crash with Corona if the same object is added more than once.
  • FIX: Objects disappearing on Render with Corona if Scatter wasn’t selected first.

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Posted by Kim Sternisha