Update: Substance Designer Summer 2019 Update

Substance Designer Summer 2019 Update

The Substance Designer Summer 2019 update includes many user-requested features and improvements such as the Dot node, HDR maps, and massive optimizations.

From the Substance by Adobe blog:

Dot Node, HDR Maps & Massive Optimizations: This is Substance Designer Summer 2019

UX Improvements

This was one of your top features requests. It is now a reality: the Dot node! Reroute your connexions, clean up your graph. It’s small but it’s powerful, and it will help you get an uncluttered view of what is going on in your workspace.

You know the gesture: click on the space bar, a menu appears with Substance Designer’s atomic nodes. For those who want to go a step further and customize this quick access to content, you can now add your favorites in the spacebar menu.

And if you click on a node output and let go anywhere, a menu appears and lets you access all compatible nodes. This should be extremely helpful when learning – or when trying to navigate through the making of a very complex graph!

Our real-time OpenGL renderer also gets a few new features to open new creative possibilities. You can now view anisotropy, coating and subsurface scattering:

Substance Designer Coated Car Paint
Coated Car Paint


Substance Designer Sub Surface Scattering

Sub Surface Scattering

Massive Optimizations: Faster Library and Smoother Sliders

With each release, you often get a better version of Substance Designer. Worry not, this time isn’t any different, as the team worked hard to deliver on 2 pain points user wanted us to solve:

Your library is 2 to 8 times faster. This means that the materials on the shelf now upload visibly faster.


Are your graphs big? Like, really big? Well then, our cooking optimization is just the thing you need. We added a cache to your graph compilations, so it takes a lot less time to view how your tweaks impact your final results. Feel how smooth the sliders have become!

High-quality and customizable HDR maps

Bring light to your scenes with a new toolbox of content dedicated to creating high-quality and customizable HDR maps.

HDR Merge

Bring together several LDR (Low Dynamic Range) photos to create one HDR image:

Substance Designer HDR Merge

Posted by Michele Yamazaki