Update: Substance Source June Release – 400 New Materials

substance source june update

Substance Source has add 400 new materials to the material library grouped into 3 main categories: Stylized Materials, Parametric Decals, and Photorealistic Materials.

Substance Source

Substance Source is an ever-growing content library where you can find physically based, high resolution and tweakable assets for texturing. From fully procedural materials to physically based scans and hand-painted materials, Substance Source is the place to find assets suited to any type of 3D project.

What’s new in the June 2020 release?

This month, Substance Source adds more than 400 new materials to its collection. This vast addition to the material library is grouped into three main areas:

substance source stylized materialsStylized Materials

In March we released our first collection of stylized materials, specifically tailored for mobile game creators. This month, we’re adding more than 220 new materials to this collection. What worlds might you build now?




substance source parametric decalsParametric decals

It’s time to get messy. With 100 new fully tweakable decals you’ll be able to decorate your textures with paint splatters, text, handprints, liquid splashes, and much more. Not for the ataxophobics (that’s a fear of untidiness).




substance source photorealistic materialsPhotorealistic materials

Hyperrealistic metal. Hyperrealistic wood. Hyperrealistic soil. If you want to build an environment that’s every bit as credible as the real thing, we have 100 new materials to help you out.




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Posted by Kim Sternisha