Update: Telestream Wirecast v14.3 – New Animated Title Library, more

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Telestream has updated Wirecast (Pro and Studio), their live steaming production software applications, with some great new features: a new animated title library, new media playback controls and more.

What’s new in Wirecast 14.3?

Telestream has just released Wirecast 14.3 with some great new features. As a result, your ability to reach your audience with engaging productions is even easier than ever. For example, Wirecast has a new animated title library that saves you time and removes the need to purchase additional 3rd party software.

Here are the highlights:

New Animated Title Library

An integrated lower third and full-screen title library with animations. The library is free and customizable.


New Media Playback controls

Now, you can control the playback of media clips even when they are live. You can play, pause, and scrub through videos so you can add live commentary, or review content as part of your broadcast.

New Secondary Display Live Output Audio mapping

More flexibility to route specific audio tracks when sending a program out via a Secondary Display.

Also, Telestram continues to upgrade their integrations and technology, including an update to NDI® 5, the Facebook API (v10) and WebRTC (to 4430, which is used by Rendezvous).

And, of course, there’s much more!

To see all of the fixes and changesand new features, please visit the updates tab on the product page.

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Posted by Kim Sternisha