Update: U-RENDER 2019.09.01 Available


U-RENDER 2019.09.01 is a service release that improves performance, stability, and correctness and introduces support for Cinema 4D R21.



  • area-light shadows single-sided [1419]
  • Fog color on background changes with camera distance [1187]
  • bloom causes blocky artifacts (caused by INF numbers from transparent objects) [1450]
  • various other improvements

Cinema 4D Plug-in

Changes & Improvements

  • improved performance: render only one-sided shadow map for single-sided area-lights [1421]
  • improved performance with material shader baking in live-mode [1420]
  • improved performance when changing texture tag settings on high polygon objects [1377]
  • support for selection tags from Voronoi Object [1258]
  • various other improvements to live mode performance and correctness


  • Banding artifacts when rendering 8-bit multi-frame images [1395]
  • Dynamics Cache did not load when U-RENDER was installed [1406]
  • Global Shadow Settings did not update correctly [1094]
  • Cinema 4D UI locks when opening console immediately after activating live-mode [1418]
  • live mode: loft, sweep, lathe generators geometry updates properly in live-mode [1246]
  • live mode: putting a light source as a child to a camera is not updating when moving the camera [1360]
  • live mode: fixed live move sync issues that sometimes occurred when starting live mode for the first time [1255]
  • live mode: wrong rotation axis when scrubbing the timeline [1398]
  • live mode: when disabling updates for geometry, the geometry disappeared in the renderer [1374]
  • fixed: Increasing render time when rendering image sequences with animated materials in texture tags [1365]
  • improved Xref performance and fixed wrong Xref object position [1394]
  • Camera sensor size was not properly transferred for depth of field [1438]
  • fixed banding in picture viewer when changing from TIFF 8-bit to EXR 32-bit [1440]
  • U-Render caused a crash when GI was enabled in Standard/Physical Render (in R16, R17, R18 only) [1447]


High-Quality Real-time Rendering for Design, Animation, and Visualization

Based on the latest advancements in real-time rendering, U-RENDER integrates into traditional rendering pipelines and is designed to support and even replace offline CPU and GPU rendering solutions.

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Posted by Michele Yamazaki