Update: U-RENDER 2019.12 with Material Converter


u-render generic logoU-RENDER 2019.12 introduces an improved material converter that now can convert U-RENDER materials back into Cinema 4D materials.

Download a free trial. To clarify, the trial link is under the price on the product page.


  • The new material converter allows users to switch back to other renderers more easily, improving the pipeline integration of U-RENDER.
  • This release also adds the choice of texture sampling method for all material texture. In particular, the point, linear, bilinear and anisotropic is supported.
  • This release introduces translations for Japanese in the Cinema 4D Plug-in, also.
  • Additional changes improve performance and correctness.


New Features

  • Added sampling method for material textures. The point, Linear, Bilinear, and Anisotropic are supported, in particular. (1375)

Changes & Improvements

  • Improved image and texture handing. (1542)
  • Fixed contrast behavior in displacement channel (1555)
  • Non-default phase values for a single cube Volume Object resulted in artifacts (1574)
  • Combining film offset with overscan did not work (1578)
  • Activating ambient occlusion multi-pass caused issues with the RGBA pass (1580)
  • Various fixes and improvements (1552, 1554)
  • Render time display in the status bar did not show the actual render time (1606)

Cinema 4D Plug-in

New Features

  • U-RENDER to Cinema 4D Material converter (649)
  • Japanese Language support for the user interface, also. (1613)
  • Added Strength slider for emissive material properties to allow the brightness only affects the color, but not the overall emission strength. In fact, the strength now also affects the emissive texture. (1618, 1620)

Changes & Improvements

  • Performance improvements for scene parsing (1586)
  • Parametric objects where parsed even though they did not change – especially with unsaved scenes – which resulted in severe – performance degradation (1587, 1590)
  • Material displacement affected performance even though the global render setting had displacement disabled (1584)
  • Fixed an issue where material preview rendering caused an issue with the scene rendered in the picture viewer (1591)
  • Fixed an issue where the standalone renderer was not detected to be running by the Cinema 4D Plug-in (1610)
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Posted by Michele Yamazaki