Update: U-Render v2019.05.01 Improves Stability and Correctness

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This small update to Uppercut U-Render improves stability, adds better multi-lingual support and scene parsing, and more.

What’s is U-Render?

High Quality Realtime Rendering for Design, Animation and Visualization

Based on the latest advancements in real-time rendering, U-RENDER integrates into traditional rendering pipelines and is designed to support and even replace offline CPU and GPU rendering solutions.

Achieving high-quality rendering results in milliseconds, U-RENDER is the ideal solution for look development, design ideation, and creative experimentation. It provides stunning results that can be used to accelerate the creative process, delivering high-quality results suitable as a final image.

U-RENDER helps to dramatically reduce iteration times and allows for cost savings in both hardware investments and energy consumption.

What’s new in v2019.05.01?

  • 2019.05.01 improves stability and correctness.
  • Major improvements focus on better multi-lingual support and scene parsing.
  • With enhanced Unicode support for characters outside the Basic Multilingual Plane (BMP) issues with certain Cyrillic, Chinese, Korean and Japanese characters in file paths should be fixed.

Changes & Improvements

  • [1252] Enhanced Multi-language support with Unicode support outside the Basic Multilingual Plane
  • [1251, 1280] Improved handling of image gamma when loading textures
  • [1261] Renderer restores its last used window position
  • [1275] Improved ID handling for scenes to combat certain synchronization problems.


  • [1264] fixed an issue where a motion blurred instance could disappear in the last frame of a sequence
  • [1286] fixed a possible memory leak with animated mesh deformations
  • [1303] displacements stopped working when transparency was enabled

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Posted by Kim Sternisha