Update: Allegorithmic Substance Source: Creature Skins

Update: Allegorithmic Substance Source: Creature Skins

Scales, suction pads, blisters and goo.  Oh My!  Allegorithmic has added a wide variety of creature skins to Substance Source. And with Halloween right around the corner, you can find that perfect skin the monster, alien, zombie or whatever your are working on.

Substance Source is an ever-growing content library where you can find physically based, high resolution and tweakable assets for texturing. From fully procedural materials to physically based scans and hand-painted materials, Substance Source is the place to find assets suited to any type of 3D project.

Substance Source has added a collection of 18 new skin and organic materials dedicated to character artists.  Reptilian scales, rotting zombie flesh, octopus tentacles, alien guts, what's not to love?

All procedurally generated, the assets are designed with the brand new scattering map in order to make the most of Substance Painter’s SSS feature. Monsters, zombies, aliens or reptilians? Or alien reptilian zombie monsters? We can’t wait to see your creations!

Now that subsurface scattering is available in Substance Painter, our team of artists wanted to give you the chance to experiment with the feature. And so they rolled up their sleeves, and went for the weird, the disgusting, and the not-so-bad-but-definitely-disturbing. And it looks amazing.

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allegorithmic substaqnce source octopus

allegorithmic substaqnce source alien

allegorithmic substaqnce source scales

allegorithmic substaqnce source zombie

Posted by Kim Sternisha