Update: AXYZ Design Anima 2.6.1 plus Free Version

Update: AXYZ Design Anima 2.6.1 plus Free Version

This small update to Anima fixes several buggy issues. AXYZ Design now offers Anima LITE, a free version to populate your architectural renderings with photorealistic people.

Anima, the fastest Stand-Alone character animation application developed especially for 3D artists, architects and designers for quickly and easily creating stunning 3D animated characters in less time.

Create exceptionally rich and realistic crowd animations in seconds.

Stunning photo-scanned actors and breathtaking motion captured animation. Revolutionary intelligent AI Brain allowing characters to avoid one another, climb on and off stairs, escalators, slopes and moving walkways. Incredibly simple workflow that allows you to create complex crowd simulations in mere seconds. The future of artist friendly crowd animation is anima.

Anima 2.6.1 Update


  • anima: Fixed an issue where the simulation would crash under specific conditions when using individual path locking and clustered actors.
  • anima: Sped up significantly the geometry surface detection process by implementing multithreading to it.
  • anima: Fixed an issue where the scenes panel would crash if a rename action was active before performing other actions.
  • anima: Fixed an issue where geometry with coplanar polygons would not be detected properly as a surface.
  • anima: Fixed an issue where the exporter module would not work correctly if the scene was cropped.
  • anima: Fixed an issue where project packs could not be imported when a project wasn’t open already.
  • anima: Fixed an issue where the minimum value would not be displayed correctly for some sliders in the properties panel.
  • anima: Fixed minor style issues to make the user interface more consistent.

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ANIMA LITE for Windows (Free)

Breathe life into your work seamlessly.

anima LITE is free to use, even commercially, to create still renderings and animations.  It has no limits if you use Metropoly Ready-Posed assets.  To use anima with Metropoly Rigged models, the full version removes all limitations.

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Clicking this link will take you to AXYZ Design's site, where you can download the free version of anima.

Want to learn how to use Anima LITE?  Sign up for the Free Webinar on Wednesday July 26, “Advanced Interior Architectural renderings with ANIMA 3D Characters.” This webinar will also dive into ANIMA PRO for more complex and nuanced animation technique for architectural exterior shots.

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Posted by Kim Sternisha