Update: AXYZ Design Anima 3.0.1 – Now with support for Maxwell, Cinema 4D R19 and more

Update: AXYZ Design Anima 3.0.1 – Now with support for Maxwell, Cinema 4D R19 and more

This small update to Anima, the crowd animation tool, adds compatibility support for C4D R19 and Next Limit Maxwell Render, plus adds a few other features.

What is Anima?

Stunning photo-scanned actors and breathtaking motion captured animation. Revolutionary intelligent AI Brain allowing characters to avoid one another, climb on and off stairs, escalators, slopes and moving walkways. Incredibly simple workflow that allows you to create complex crowd simulations in mere seconds. The future of artist friendly crowd animation is anima.

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What's new in Anima 3.0.1?

  • Support for Maxwell Render in 3DS Max
  • Support for Cinema 4D R19.
  • A new camera preset designed to resemble Unreal Engine’s controls.
  • Improvements to workflow, adding a right-click option in the view-port for importing a background model.
  • The model importer now supports non-8 bits per channel textures by converting them to the correct format.
  • Anima Render node installations now have an option to access the configuration panel.
  • Improvements to installation for users who have non-standard installation paths and the addition of a new shortcut created when installing that allows the user to configure the application before it starts.
  • Many small improvements and bug fixes.

MSRP: $315.00  Toolfarm Price: $299.25

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Anima was just updated to 3.0 in early December 2017.  Read more about this major upgrade in this blog post: New: AXYZ Design anima 3.0 is Now Available – with New Unreal Engine Plug-in

Posted by Kim Sternisha