Update: Cebas ThinkingParticles Subscription Drop 6 Adds All Purpose Fields

Update: Cebas ThinkingParticles Subscription Drop 6 Adds All Purpose Fields

This new update to ThinkingParticles, Subscription Drop 6, delivers greater Procedural Volumetric Controls with All Purpose Fields, improved SPH solver stability and more.

Subscription Drop 6 is the latest update of thinkingParticles and is offered for free to all full Subscription users in good standing.

Multi-Physics simulation has never been better and more advanced; fluid simulations and rigid body interactions have been optimized and resemble real world physics behaviour. Surprisingly, improving thinkingParticles simulation accuracy has no penalty and what you see is what you get with amazingly fast simulation times. Drop 6 delivers greater Procedural Volumetric Controls: All Purpose Fields. Using the Power of 3D Volume effects plus Dynamic AP-Fields, you can now use any 3dsMax Shape and transform it into 3D fields, Velocity fields from particle animations. tP 6.6 also sees the delivery of a most stable SPH Solver.

Watch the “What's new” overview video here or read on for more info.

What's new in Subscription Drop 6?

Subscription Drop 6 New Feature: All Purpose Fields

Say Hello to the latest addition to your thinkingParticles Tool-Set!: All Purpose Particle Field (short: APF). This new type of operator offers never seen before control of particle simulations in all kind of ways. All without the need to become a rocket scientist.


Subscription Drop 6 New Feature: InitialState Operator

InitialState – this new operator acts as a particle generator which allows you to “freeze” any particle simulation state at a specific time. All particle data at that specific time can be written to the disk drive for later continuation of a simulation or any particle effect.


Subscription Drop 6 New Feature: Math Helpers

New math helper nodes and new functions to existing nodes have been added. New math helper: Sum helper node which allows to create summations of multiple inputs. New functions: Deg2Rad, Rad2Deg, vector operations:Collide and CollideDeflection, RollMatrix.


Subscription Drop 6 New Feature: SPH 6.6 Solver

Meet our best SPH Solver, yet. Solver 6.6 offers the best stability and still maintains fast responsive fluid behavior. Filling a container with fluid and pouring it into another container – without losing volume? Sure you can – with Solver 6.6!

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Posted by Kim Sternisha