Update: Curious Animal Motion Stretch v1.12 Now Available

Update includes smoothing improvements and new Toon Blur mode. Also includes several bug fixes. Free update for existing customers! Motion Stretch is a great tool for creating motion trails, cartoon style motion blur, or just adding a little extra weight to just about any polygon animation in CINEMA 4D.

The v1.12 update includes improvements to make the deformation smoother, as well as the new Toon Blur mode to get even closer to a cartoon motion blur effect for your animations – this is a whole new algorithm that spreads the motion evenly over the width of the frame.

Bug Fixes:

  • Motion Stretch now works properly on rotating objects.
  • The 'Frame width' setting now correctly reflects the amount of frames used to generate the stretch (existing users: if you're updating projects made with the original version of Motion Stretch to the latest version, please divide the 'Frame width' setting by 2 to keep your original settings).

Update Now > Choose CINEMA 4D host on our Downloads Form. Free for existing customers.


Posted by Alicia